Selyse them all!

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Derived from
See the Light of the Lord - Winner Brawl 2018 (46p) 27 21 17 1.0
Inspiration for
Saving the Palace of Sorrows - Top 4 Prime Düsseldorf 14 11 14 3.0

Diomedes 2857

This is the evolution of my Kings of Summer dominance deck I played last year.

With the +2 initiative helping be 2nd player and lots of 1st player in the meta anyway, Selyse Baratheon really shines. 3x Spears of the Merling King to recycle her, Marched to the Wall and Valar Dohaeris to get her off the board.

3x The Red Keep and 3x Blackwater Bay are your draw engines to overcome the no setup handicap.

Open The Withering Cold to stall, then use Blackwater Bay to draw some cards round 2.

Combined with your kneel, Grand Melee keeps your opponent in check pretty well. You can still do challenges with 1 character if you have The Red Keep. But letting chair and table do the work is fine, too.

I played this in a small 6-player tournament, but lost to GJ Alliance Qohor with Seal of the Hand and Queensguard in the final match. I still wonder if I could have lured my opponent into cancelling Melisandre instead of Selyse if I play another R'hllor card first. :D


Gaurwaith 2

Nice Deck! How you feel about only 24 characters? Did you already tested it and which of the already spoiled cards from the bara box would you include?

SonOfBattles1 259

No Sacrificed to the Red God? That was always money in my old Selyse Recursion decks

mattastrophic 717

Have you considered Heir to the Iron Throne at all?

Diomedes 2857

24 characters is fine with 3x In the Name of Your King! and the tons of control this deck got.

1 or 2 Sacrificed to the Red God could be a good addition.

Heir to the Iron Throne instead of Marched to the Wall to get rid of Selyse Baratheon? Mhh, haven't considered it. I think Marched is more versatile.

dfaust 65

I would swap out one of the plots and play fallen from favor turn one to get 10 gold and use withering cold on turn 2.

Jools 46

How this should work vs Lady Asha, standy Vicatrion and Fanatic?

Tolperi 1

And it should have some problems with shadow decks. No chars on board during marshalling.

Diomedes 2857

@dfaust This deck doesn't really need more gold, the control from round 1 on is much more important than 3 gold.

@Jools is definitely one of the worst matchups, that's why we have 3 Milk and 3 Seen In Flames. Grand Melee is vital to control them.

@Tolperi Shadows decks are slow and make their power via challenges, so I don't fear them that much.

taijibear 213

Doesn't Greyjoy just Fanatic the Selyse trigger and leave you super sad?

And how does this get around Stark, who are brimming with relevant ladies?

Diomedes 2857

@taijibear Well, all houses struggle against Greyjoy and Stark, don't they? ;) We have Seen In Flames against fanatics, and Saving the Kingdom is quite effective against the small Stark ladies.