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vexien 723

Winner - Summerhall 4

Top 4 - Wardens of the Wormways

Top 16 - UK Grand Champs

If you are looking to win yourself a big tournament, Stark or Greyjoy are way to go. But if you want to abuse core set/cycle 1 cards and have fun along the way, then this could be what you're looking for.

The goal is simple. Play 1-2 good characters, give one of them queensguard, smash them into oblivion.

After testing stark fealty a lot and not wanting to sit through mirror matches, I started to look for an alternative. Inspired heavily by the Lanni Dragon lists from worlds and stahleck, it was originally planning to just use ilyn payne to kill stark characters, but then a shift to targ and the smash bros module started to do a lot of work with the meereen draw to help (plus im a sucker for Khal Drogo swag)

I took this to 3 tournaments in just over a week, making the cut in all 3 events and tweaking the list as i went. The published version is what I ran at UKGC, but i was running marched to the wall over forced March for the first two tournaments and scared myself into switching due to sea of blood. Marched to the wall i think is the better choice to beat GJ and would've helped me in my losses to them.

Any questions, let me know in the comments!


Stormborn 301

Sweet decklist! Never seen Gurn before.

YuleOoze 194

Juicy! :)

hagarrr 579

Cool deck :) you were very unlucky not to go further!


Smashy! :)

@YuleOoze I just wanted to send u the list ... obvl u saw it first :D

YuleOoze 194


@vexien Did some testing with your 'switched' version now and I really enjoyed it. Thanks to Khal Hobo the deck's high roll potential feels insane! The only card I really missed the whole time was good ol' Treachery to counter cancerous Meera triggers. Plus, I'd never play fewer than three copies of Chopman. What do you think about dropping Aegon and Daario? Drogon often felt a little clunky without Plaza.

Congrats on your performances!

vexien 723

@YuleOozethanks! I admit I almost went back to lanni dragon a few times in order to use treachery but was ultimately swayed by the prizes and familiarity (even though I could still banner it).

Chopman wasthe reason I started playing this and was amazing on occasions. I generally felt that drogon ilyn and jaime were cards that had varying strength in different match ups, so I had them at 2 so I didn't overdraw in the wrong game but the odds were still good.

without second sons, wasnt sold on aegon being in the list. I miss Daario but was unsure on the cut.

Drogon could be clunky, and I ran him at 1x for quite a while, but there was a lot to be said for how many games I won by using ilyn to kill everything, then iron bank and ambushing drogon. he's also great at forcing cards/ resets so I kept him around.