How do you like them apples! Top Tyrell and top 16 at UK Nat

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Alastair702 75

Hi thrones community! first time deck publish. Thought I should do this to show my deck that I took to the UK games expo and Nationals. Easy fun deck that seems to work fairly well.

I didn't take any notes particularly but only loss in the main event was to wamma playing Stark fealty and the winner of Nationals. Congrats again. lost in the top 16 to greyjoy sea of blood to an unlockable Theon. Had a blast and need to make more time for tournaments as they get your game sharp.

I didn't play against targ or nights watch. any questions just ask.


jcwamma 2717

It was really cool to play you and then see this deck do well. Bonds of Chivalry plus Arrogant Contender is such a lovely little combo!

How did you normally win your games? Was it mass of knights + Tourney? getting power through tricks and the Lady Sansa's Roses? A bit of both?

hagarrr 579

Well done Big Man! I can't believe you did so well despite hamstringing yourself with Bonds of Chivalry, congratulations!

Alastair702 75

jcwamma: Bonds of chivalry rocks. Did some work over the tournament. This deck is rushy but more often not it's like a avalanche, becoming unstoppable unless reset. It then use "on a Misty morn" to recover quicker than your opponent as all the key cards are non unique.

hagarr: Thanks buddy! Hard luck on the Mulligan. Bonds of chivalry for the win! Ace against greyjoy, just need more knights! That's the problem.

P_Gedi 137

OMG! Amazing! A fellow Bonds of Chivalry fan! It’s so good right?! I had it in my Tyrell Summer and it helped me make the top table!

Congrats on a great performance, from a fellow knights fan!

P_Gedi 137

Should point out - I was referring to Melee top table lolz

Alastair702 75

P_Gedi: congratulations to you too. Knights are pretty cool. Have some new tech now that I have had more time to think about them so onwards and upwards although I may get distracted by smugglers!

Krapfen9 7

Ciao, ad oggi cosa miglioreresti di questo mazzo. Grazie e complimenti