Baratheon Kneel HWtRD Blackwater Bay

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Benji 683

Solid deck that I ran on TIT around 15 games.


Sassanid 9

How do you get rid off Selyse?

Benji 683

Spears of the Merling King + Wildfire Assault to do it myself.

You can cut Privileged Position for The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due or Sacrificed to the Red God.

Privileged Position is clearly the flexible card in this deck... Would also make sense to remove it for Azor Ahai Reborn x1 + Fury / Lightbringer x1 or cards in this style

Benji 683

After FCDtS 14, I think it's clear the deck behave, but does not behave THAT much. Shadow is impossible to pass. Martell-Wolf seems clearly too difficult. During tests, I also remarked that SoB will finally find a way to trigger the agenda.

Problems are very simple : Not enough kneel effects, not enough cost-efficient kneel effects, No easy to trigger kneel event, Very few kneel in challenge phase.

Conclusion : Bad gamedesign. Again, again and again. It starts to really become annoying when it's about the classic.