Greyjoy Stag: Renly, Imry, Bigs

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Greyjoy Stag: Renly, Imry, Bigs 1 1 0 2.0

scantrell24 3151

First attempt at a Ser Imry deck. In exactly one game of testing so far he was fantastic.

Potential cards:

Valar Morghulis

We Take Westeros

Eager Deckhand

The Reader

The Knight

Different versions of Balon and Victarion

Every Captain Is A King


SonOfBattles1 214

x3 Ser Imry Florent? You plan on holding any you draw until your finishing turn, right?

scantrell24 3151

@SonOfBattles1Close Call is there for the possibility of triggering Imry twice. The threat of activiation is also great to mess with an opponent's challenge math even if you don't trigger him.

Daniel Ramos 1

King's Balon Solar is a confusing choice. Most of your plots have 0 initiative. Why not another econ location?