Lances with Wolves

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King Midas And His Silver 10

Lances with Wolves.

There is some debate about whether, when deck building, you should add plots before or after other cards. Some say it doesn't matter, others think it does. Either way, we can probably agree that you shouldn't decide on a shit pun first and then go from there.

But what's done is done so let's move on to the deck itself.

Jank Synergies

Want to have a 5-strength renown character involved in 4 or 5 challenges in a turn? Well with some combination of Brienne, Cat, Handsome Ned, Little Bird (Ned eagerly awaits the release of Lineage For Dummies) and Crown of Golden Roses you've got a great shot. The only thing that can stop this is your opponent being awake. In which case they will almost certainly stop this. My advice is to play against someone who has narcolepsy.

If you can't find anyone suitable, try giving The Blackfish some flowers and a bird.

How To Win

There's a couple of ways to go about this. My personal favourite is to get to 15 power, but I suppose an ambitious player might have a go at milling their opponent.


scantrell24 3239

0 tourney lance?

King Midas And His Silver 10

Now that you mention it, it does look like an unforgivable oversight.