Renly Making the Eight: A Prelude: Renly & Mag

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Renly & Mighty Mag: A Love Story

It's a cold winter morning, and little Renly is perambulating north of the Wall. Through the swirling wind, he spies a a beautiful giant in the distance, all hairy and full of muscular attraction, flossing his teeth with a tree.

Knowing the handsome giant will likely scoff at little Renly's tiny physique, Renly resolves to embark on a relentless training regime to impress his gigantic suitor. Two hours of push ups and one sausage and egg McMuffin later, Renly ventures north once again....

This is a funny little jank deck that I played to a 5-1 record to win a 14 player event for Rebecca's 30th birthday (she so old!) at the weekend.

I didn't really know what to play but I picked up Alexander O'Eagle-Worth from the train station, and he inundated me with ideas about crappy decks I could play. I wasn't really interested in them until he suggested Renly and Val throwing in Wildlings and triggering Dalla for draw. If you squint, that's basically like putting a Greyjoy location into play and triggering Alannys so I was pretty much sold. The big play was obviously to Mag Renly up to an impressive strength, so that he can bring his giant lover out to play from hand. Beautiful. The bonus with the agenda is that all Renly needs is a trusty Warhammer on the 3rd challenge et voila! Love blooms <3

We built the deck that evening and I played it the next day with no reps. The event was a 'random agenda' event, and I got the Lord of the Crossing (because I hadn't played enough of it lately apparently).

Anyway, people arrived the next day and drinks got poured and games got played.

R1 - W - Lannister Faith Militant - Alexander O'Fee-Eagle

It's a funny to get paired up with the guy who had the idea and built the deck with me. The bastard Milked Renly turn 1 which was annoying but Crossing kept the deck ticking, and The First Snow of Winter hurt him a lot whilst I was able to cheat around that with Val and "The Last of the Giants". A win at round 6.

R2 - W - Baratheon Assault from the Shadows - Keb Frith

Keb suffered a bit on board presence early, with most cards in shadows, and only got back on the board really when it was too late. The First Snow of Winter dealt with a board of chud mid-game, and 11 STR Renly with Lady Forlorn along with Mag the Mighty were excellent to close out the game.

R3 - L - Stark Kings of Winter - Callum Gillespie

Callum got Wyman Manderly and the Skagos engine online with Meera Reed by turn 3 along with his board of 3 cost or lower characters. Things were looking bleak unless I could get a successful First Snow off, but that turn he marshalled Robb Stark (Core) and Catelyn Stark (Core). Pretty much GG from there.

R4 - W - Night's Watch Alliance Rose Qohor - Jamie Parsons

It's 3pm and Jamie is pretty drunk having already had most of the bottle of rum. I play Tears of Lys at one point as first player on his Qhorin Halfhand who is murdering my Wildling chuds. He plays second and triggers Qohor to sacrifice a Dragonglass Dagger to fetch a Bodyguard for Randyll to save him from Tears. Whoops. Qhorin dies, Randy gets Marched and it's downhill from there for Jamie, especially when I have 12 STR Renly with Lady Forlorn, Dalla, and Val equipped with Warhammer.

Top 4 - W - Lannister Faith Militant - Eagle O'Fee-Worth

A rematch from round 1 which I don't remember too well, but I think it largely went the same way as the first game. Lanni Faith just doesn't compete well against the economy advantage of Renly/Val and Dalla draw.

Final - W - Baratheon Brotherhood without Banners - Adam East

Final against metamate Adam playing a constructive Brotherhood deck with Beric Dondarrion and loads of R'hllor like Anguy and Lem Lemoncloak too. I know by now he likes to play constructively, so for the first time, I don't open At the Gates but The First Snow of Winter instead having set up Renly and a chud. This puts him on the back foot immediately, and although he has a Shadow Priestess for my "The Last of the Giant" Val, Renly pushed the tempo advantage with his action and took the game after 4 rounds.


-This is definitely a Tier 2 deck. Plenty of options, lots of fun interactions and synergies, capable of competing to a reasonable standard.

-I was quite happy with the plots on the day. Famine was fun with Renly and Val shenanigans, and the plots helped to keep the deck consistent. I only missed not having Valar vs Stark, but I think Callum has all the gold and draw he needed to recover regardless.

-Wun Wun was cack, get rid of him. He was only in for the banter of Renly lusting after his enormous carrot, but I once chose Wun Wun for claim over a Wildling Bandit. Bin.

-How on earth did I forget Rattleshirt's Raiders exist? These should definitely be in the deck to protect Renly from Milk and to deal with Hunting Accident and the like.

-Hollow Hill is bonkers good in this. Pick any character I want from the top ten and add to my hand? Yes please. I have decided I want to play this card more in future. Incredible.

-Lady Forlorn was also incredible. 11 and 12 STR Renly happened and I certainly slept on the power of this in a deck with many neutral locations. I dread this in Free Folk.

-Anguy the Archer is also great. Probably overpowered, take advantage of it.

It was sad the Renly and Mighty Mag love story only happened once. Although it was admittedly a thing of glory, little Renly must now fight through the pain and longing to travel south of the Wall to begin making his true eight.



Between the teq in your deck and the deck I played, all I want to do is play neutrals. Maybe you're marrying me?

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