The Last of the Martell - 3rd in Swiss & TOP8 @ Fracas

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kawson 79

This is deck I took to Flea Bottom Fracas VII held this weekend in Warsaw. I was not very convinced it could perform decent but I wanted to try something less popular in current meta. My goal was to fight for best Martell player and win beautiful Martell play mat which appeared to be easier then I thought cause I was the only Martell at tournament. Eventually I was able to pull pretty decent result being 3rd after Swiss round and lose in Top8 against GJ Crossing which won entire event.
Deck itself is typical cancer reset control. Keep opponent board & hand under control, let them bleed and counter attack when their options are limited.

Tournament report:
Round 1 - Istvan - Free Folk - I didn't know how I will perform against FF since I didn't test it. Istvan has good start with Varamyr Sixskins and Ygritte. I found Varys and Last of the Giants in openning coppers, played Desert Raider & protected hand with Vengance for Elia. In dominance Istvan Nightmared my Varys and I though I'm in trouble. March next round, second Raider on board and some other control I was able to dominate the game. 1-0

Round 2 - Wiewiór - Stark Fealty - I expected I have small chances in this match-up but when I saw Skagos and Bran in his setup I was 100% sure about it. I think I focused too much on trying to remove Bran to reset with Varys and Wiewiór just push forwards with Smalljon and fast Eddy gaining a lot of power & draw with I Am No One. I think I lost in 3rd plot not getting even 1 power during this game. 1-1

Round 3 - Jezuz - Bara Banner of the Rose - this game went very smooth. He played big dude and small dude, I played Venomous Blade (mvp of that game) and March. Ghaston Grey did some work here, First Snow as well. Later on when his board was empty I had several characters and marshaled Varys he conceded. 2-1

Round 4 - Milla Tamas - Bara Alliance Rose Qohor. He had very good start with Ser Cortnay Penrose who became King at the Wall and some smaller knights. I did not have Varys/Last of the Giant in plot one so I stall the game with Flea Bottom + Shadow City Bastard, Venomous Blade and First Snow. Then he played blocking plots (Barring the Gate and King in the North) and marshaled Randyll which I was able to decorate with Imprison and Condemned. In 5th plot score was 11-0 for Milla and I finally was able to play Varys followed by Political Disaster (which removed my Flea Bottom with Seized by the Guards since I had dupe in hand) and crawled back. We finished in 10 plot when I get to 15 power. 3-1

Round 5 - Simon - GJ Martell - Drowned Gods. He had good setup with Tarle and Acolyte. After turn 1 he had Drowned Discipline, Priest of the Drowned God, Old Grey Gull, Prophet, Acolyte and Tarle. I played First Snow which he countered with Newly Made Lord and 5 cost Aeron. I used Ghaston Grey to remove Newly Made Lord, Dornish Spy to kill Aeron and Marched Tarle next round. Next plot I played Political Disaster which removed Nagga's Ribs & Old Wyk and control power challenge. He did not find any Vince or Raider this game and eventually not even one character comes back from dead pile. 4-1

Round 6 - Sobi - Free Folk - another FF, seriously ? He didn't know completely what to expect from my deck and flood the board turn one. As a result he had like 7 characters including dupes on Val and Dalia. I Vengeance intrigue claim and remove Nightmares using His Viper Eyes (leaving only one card in his hand) and played Varys clearing the board. Then Valar countered by his Return to Fields but I was limiting his options. He had some surprises in hand, Lay Siege on my Flea Bottom, Nightmares, Off to Gulltown so for some time I was mainly defending, limiting challenges with Shadow City Bastard and using Arianne and Obara to jump back some claim soaks. Mid/Late game I abused Venomous Blade and finally found my raider and ran to 15 power. We finished in 10 plot. 5-1

Top 8 - Winko - GJ Crossing. He had setup with the Reader, econ location and Great Kraken. I marched him and let him first. He played only Baelor Blacktyde and I only Iron Throne and did power challange. Viper Eyes removed his Euron (and his hand was Alannys, 7 cost Vic, pillage Balon and Eager Deckhand - no Vince). I ambush Spy and kill Baelor. Next round he played some cheaper characters he drew. I tried to use Varys but he Vinced him. So 3rd plot First Snow to remove then and he was able to marshal only Vic. But again he Vinced my Spy who tried to steal power and he did power challenge. Next round March on Vic but then we had Balon on table and it was GG. He slowly get more and more power with Kraken through unopposed and I just couldn't catch him. I get to 15 on Political Disaster turn which if I would survive and play Valar could change the outcome. Loss but cool game anyway.
So eventually I finished in 5th place as best non GJ/Stark player which was more then I expected :)


Infidus 1

Hello, what is the point of the "The Last of the Giants" when both of the chracters are to stay on the board?

kawson 79

Infidus - what do you mean by that?

Gaurwaith 2

You play The Last of the Giants in dominance together with Varys to clear the board or in challenge with Jaqen for a surprise kill

Reader 137

Congrats buddy. Nice deck you got there :)