Poland Fracas 2019 | 3th | King of the Swiss | Top GJ | 7-1

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Jools 46

The Tournament

So Flea Bottom Fracas 2019 turnament is over and this is my deck i was playing at it. It took place in Warsaw in Poland, as usually.

Deck was tested, created any polishing by myself. It took few weeks to make some decisions about some cards. Most customisable area are 3-5 gold characters.

Link to Pavillion: https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/6802

This time itwas quite small Fracas - only 37 people.

So my deck scored:

  • King of the swiss with 6-0 score,
  • Top house in swiss,
  • 3rd place overall with 7-1 score.

Previous Fracas tournaments i was playing:

  • Fracas VI 2018 - 120 ppl (I was #23)
  • Fracas V 2017 - 197 ppl (I was #6)
  • Fracas IV 2016 - 169 ppl (I was #71)

Thanks for Lewy and Skaven for running once again Flea Bottom Fracas tournament.

The Deck

Deck construction assumptions:

  • be first player,
  • run big characters who stand a lot.

Main characters, the Stars, the, the Engine of the deck (in value order):

  1. Victarion Greyjoy (MoD) - Biggest guy in deck, literally ~35 str for 7 gold, can win short boards alone, #1 card in deck. Captain trait.
  2. Euron Crow's Eye (KotI) - High tempo and pressure char, first character to marshall in first round (before Victarion), Captain trait.
  3. Asha Greyjoy (Km) - Very effective if Maiden's Bane on board, can destroy short games alone. Captain trait.
  4. Balon Greyjoy (Core) - Just to have 4th big guy. Can make games but he is 4th in line to marshall.

Support characters (in value order):

  1. Drowned God Fanatic (aka Fanatic) - it is know - best control GJ card, high value in 1 card (two effects), can be situational but also game breaking. Reserved Restrict list spot.
  2. Eager Deckhand - high tempo card, love it, always 3 copies.
  3. Maester Wendamyr - two copies becuase makes big guys even more effective
  4. Theon Greyjoy (TFoA) - Fancy in crossing deck but not always usable. Most of time he was burning military challange as first making room for pow/int,
  5. Qarl the Maid - very good support for ships or asha, always helpful. Deserved second slot in deck.

Almost meaningless cards:

  • Drowned Men - High str with ships but i wasn't impressed by him. To be replaced.
  • Maester Murenmure - Very strong cancel ability but i didn't remember that i have used it. Probably to be replaced or reduced to one.
  • The Reader - Just one copy to draw some cards but ended up to be usless and slowing deck. To be replaced.
  • Valar Morghulis - Played it only once (after losing game in top4 anyway). Im struggling with this plot. Games showed that its waste of slot but i can't play calmy without it.
  • We Take Westeros! - Without We Do Not Sow and pillage it is almost blank 5/9/1 plot. Did some job bringing some warships from my discard but its situational and often playing only for initiative.

"Why not this?" cards:


Swiss (6-0):

1. WIN vs Sarna NW/RedDoor (16th place)

He took my 2 gold at first plot leaving me with another 2g. Survived first round and started rolling out fat ones (Euron Crow's Eye (KotI) + Asha Greyjoy (Km)) from second round. Game was one-sided from this point.

2. WIN vs Skeczor Stark/Fealty (14th place)

Euron from first round. Kneeling everything till 15 power. One-sided game.

3. WIN vs Wiewor Stark/Fealty (2nd place)

Same as before - Euron Crow's Eye (KotI) from first round. Kneeling everything till 15 power. One-sided game.

4. WIN vs Winko GJ/Crossing (Fracas Winner)

He Valared his Alannys Greyjoy (CoS) and Euron Crow's Eye (KotI) (without saves) to kill only my Balon Greyjoy (Core). It was huge mistake by him. After that there was a duel Balon Greyjoy (KotI) vs Victarion Greyjoy (MoD). Game was one-sided from this point.

5. WIN vs Lewy Stark/Fealty (6th place)

Lewy had strong opener with 2x Heir to the Iron Throne which gave him good board presence. I started with solo Asha Greyjoy (Km) but she (with Maiden's Bane) did 11 power within 2 rounds. Won game after that.

6. WIN vs Milla Tamas Bara/Tyrell/Qohor/Alliance (7th place)

Euron from first round. Kneeling everything till 15 power. Almost one-sided game.

The Cut:

TOP 8 WIN vs Sobi Free Folks (8th place)

Quite thought game. The only thing that saved me from being trampled by this NPE deck was setup from 6 cards which 4 was characters. After first round got 7 characters, so i was prepared to lose some, but could defend second 2-claim for military. Victarion Greyjoy (MoD) was holding game at about 10 power. Sobi missed my Valar Morghulis with Return to the Fields so got one calm round, but death was in the air. I was suspecting his Valar Morghulis so i was protecting my Risen from the Sea at hand (by trying to defend INT and not leaving some cards in hand). He tried to ValarM my Victarion Greyjoy (MoD) + Balon Greyjoy (Core) (i was at 14 power) but 2x Risen did the job.

Shame for playing Free Folks.

TOP 4 LOSE vs Wiewor Stark/Fealty (2th place)

Got good start with Euron + ships, followed by Victarion. But Wiewor drew 10+ cards from Wyman Manderly (sick) and got 8+ eko. Couldn't stand a chance versus flooded board with Wyman Manderly, Robb Stark (Core), Catelyn Stark (WotN). One-sied game.

I finished at 3rd place.


Neoptolemos 489

Congrats on your results and for crushing those pesky Free Folk! That oneliner: "Euron from first round. Kneeling everything till 15 power. One-sided game." make me really sad though...

sirkamlot 1

OP, restrict - and this is not joke :/ Congrats anyway jools - deck piloted and constructed perfectly.

Kakita_Rinsei 28

Suggestion for plot replacement of "We Take Westeros!" (Secrets of the Conclave, ) My reasoning is that you can grab a possible save or location or vince, plus setting up what your next draw can be. Added advantage of card knowledge to keep up tempo. Suggestion for Character replacement of "Drowned Men" & "The Reader" (2x Alannys Greyjoy {CoS}) My reasoning is she is same cost as reader with same stats only her ability of drawing is more reliable and can be triggered multiple times each turn, her synergy with "Silence" is undeniable and with "Qarl the Maid" in play to straighten "Silence" can really allow you to have card drawing advantage.