Traditional Big Margaery Deck

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songyh 33

This is the deck I brought to a store match and got 2/16, at the finals I lost to a Greyjoy Fealty deck with Euron Crow's Eye (KotI) and Alannys Greyjoy (CoS) in T1. For most of the deck I came up with including 2 The Free Folk deck and 1 GJ deck, it feels good.

The deck is traditional around Margaery Tyrell (AMAF), it's still good even after so many sets, but Drowned God Fanatic is out of our scope of disccusion, it should not only be restricted but definitely be banned.

Even without Margaery Tyrell (AMAF), it's good because of the high economy and multiple renowns. Try to find The Arbor or Redwyne Straits at set and use Political Disaster to hit those land baron!

With Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) on board try to find Renly Baratheon (FFH) as early as possible because your opponent struggles under The King in the North and he is the most powerful drawing engine the the deck. Pulling the Strings is usually used to copy At the Gates as people really likes it nowadays. Also remember use Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) to search Ser Jason Mallister against shadow deck, and bring Mace Tyrell (HoT) after the reset.

Enjoy it with all the renowns!

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