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Kakita_Rinsei 28

Here is the deck I Piloted to 1st Place at my local store tournament. Not going to do a breakdown of my individual matches, however I will breakdown the thoughts and purpose of the cards and slots they take up in my deck. As an aid for other GJ fans and new players to give them ideas and understanding of purposing card slots. Feel free to ask questions or give idea's. The deck so far is undefeated, the only loss I have with it is to my little brother and only cause he called on a favor I owed him. So far online it is 28-0 and for live Tournaments 5-1 the one being the favor for my little brother. Starting Strategy: With my starting hand I prefer to drop 4 cards 1 being Econ. First marshaling phase I focus on getting the upper hand with intimidate or stealth cards. Because my first plot is 0 initiative most times I am last to act. I always try to have a least one piece of cannon fodder to feed my opponents military challenge. I try to always get 3 challenges in, otherwise what's the point of playing crossing.

Agenda Selection Lords of the Crossing: +2 strength to all my characters participating in 3rd challenge and gain 1 power for winning that challenge. Makes all the smalls in the deck stronger and allows for that extra aggressive push with a intimidate character. The -1 strength I try to do a challenge where I can stealth in or negate my opponents response.

Plot play order: (Except vs Martel) 1)At the gates. 2-3)Forced March x2.
4)(Martel)Secrets of the Concave. 5)The First Snow of Winter. 6)Nothing Burns Like The Cold. 7)Valar Morghulis. But I am not afraid to First Snow or Valar 2nd or 3rd turn if it has the probability of stalling my opponent while I can grab a few quick power.

Plot Selection At the Gates: I am always looking for econ strength from the start. Running this allows me to have a possible 3 econ locations out after my first marshalling phase.

Forced March: In my opinion an absolutely broken card when used in combination with Eager Deckhand or Drowned God Fanatic (With a Vince already in dead pile). The opportunity to bow out high cost characters that have a military icon in the early part of the game can really devastate opponents.

Nothing Burns Like The Cold: Strictly in my deck for the meta in my area as Stark decks are always a threat of shutting down my locations. Plus has the added bonus of location removal if needed. A good way to get rid of my opponents milk or attachment that is a problem.

Secrets of the Conclave: Prefer this over other possible card draws, reason being I draw 1, discard what I don't think I will need and sets up for my next drawing situation with Asha, Rhymes, Great Kraken or Varamyr Sixskins. I prefer drawing as much as possible as I tend to only defend with enough on Int challenges to make sure no win is over 5 strength and take away the unopposed power gain possibility.

The First Snow of Winter: One of the best tech cards with Drowned God Fanatic and Eager Deckhand (if you have a ship in hand and Silence in play). Shuts down most weenie decks and out right hurts Stark and Night's Watch. While replenishing my hand with Vince.

Valar Morghulis: I run for reset and the fact that even with no claim for the turn I can usually pull a few power out of thin air. Example (3 Unopposed, 1 from Lords of the Crossing, 2 Great Kraken, 1 Renown or Theon Unopposed, 2 Superior Claim)

Character Selection Asha Greyjoy (Km): Absolutely overpowered character. Her stealth, Tricon Pillage, Draw (I pick), 5 Strength, Captain trait make her a force to reckon with. Synergy with Great Kraken (unopposed), Maiden's Bain (Straighten her and Bain), increases power and use of both Raiding Longship and Grey Ghost ensuring unopposed power gain.

Balon Greyjoy: Extreme tank character. Renown will usually gain at least 3 power during Power challenges. Synergy with Great Kraken (Stealth that cannot be milked) and Iron Fleet Scout's put his strength well above most characters in the game.

Drowned God Fanatic: Broken Card (loyal GJ player just said that). 2 of the most useful abilities in the game. plus both can possibly be triggered during the same phase, making him a must a staple in my deck. His ability to enter play by killing has more than once saved me from losing a challenge and he has more that gained his fair share of power during a daring push to finish games. Synergy with The First Snow of Winter while he is on table, and his ability to enter play by killing one of my chuds makes him a tool for defence and offensive plays.

Eager Deckhand: Under rated tool. I use for surprise pushes offensively while Silence is in play, and on the rare occasion where I am behind for defence during Mil challenges. I kill her alot to bring in Vince. Synergy with The First Snow of Winter can really give back board presence.

Euron Crow's Eye (KotI):Another Tricon tank. Captain, Intimidate. Love the fact he brings a 4 cost ship into play, gets a card out of my deck with his built in search. Synergy with Silence and Maiden's Bane makes him a good candidate for dominance support. I usually look to target a character with his intimidate that can have an effect on my next challenge or a challenge I will not win. If possible I will use to prepare for my up coming defence during my opponents challenges.

Iron Islands Fishmonger: Perfect target for Vince after he has been an eco source. Good unopposed blocker. Low cost that I try to set up during start. During 3rd challenge becomes 3 str.

Maester Murenmure: I think another underrated character. I love setting him up and shutting down a econ location first turn. Plus during mid to late game his ability can shut down location reliant decks is game changing.

Maester Wendamyr: Quick set up character that can stealth and chump block if needed to stop unopposed and a good character for the power challenge as first challenge.

Qarl the Maid: Looking to find another slot for him as he has proven, he really is worth it to me. Synergy with Asha is Strong but I found he is really good with Silence in play making Euron a triple threat each round.

Theon Greyjoy (Core): Prefer for this type of power rushing deck. Love he has stealth, love more his power gain. He has on more than one occasion power rushed 7 on first turn himself. Tried other version of him but did not like the loss of not getting that extra power.

Varamyr Sixskins: Straight utility/Meta card for me. Love he can draw me cards if needed, but mostly use him for intimidate or stealth to get those unopposed challenges.

Victarion Greyjoy (LoCR): Another tank, Captain, Renown, intimidate 6 str. He is a beast, always clearing the way for other challenges I plan on doing next or kneeling characters I cannot block during during my opponents part of the up and coming challenge phase. I tried other version of him but the 7 cost was brutal sometimes.

Wex Pyke: Has saved my bacon on multiple occasions. His ability is useful and I have no problem using him to bring Vince into play after he has defended in a turn.

Attachment Selection Dragonbinder: Rarely seen card. I use for 2 reasons. My deck focus is getting as many unopposed challenges in and facing as few challenges as possible from my opponent. With 4 possible cards in my deck with intimidate the chances of me seeing one of these cards is better. Second reason is I can't stand facing dragon decks and nothing better than taking opponents dragon and killing it with vince while returning Dragonbinder back to hand. There has been games where I played it early game getting out a cheap character putting Dragonbinder on and winning a challenge used intimidate and won dominance to drop a big character.

Location selection Great Hall: 22 of my 31 characters are unique so this was a no brainer and has the added benefit of being searched for by At the Gates

Great Kraken: A ship that focuses on winning as fast as possible. Card draw can be useful if facing another fast deck but mostly I use to keep up my tempo in power gain over my opponent

Grey Ghost: Stopping any character I want from defending for the whole phase is stronger than stealth and can break games in a fast way. Used in conjunction with Qarl can really set up for 3 easy challenges and with Intimidate on board can shutdown opponents turn.

Iron Fleet Scout: As a GJ player I always run 3 of these. The increase of +1 or +2 to a character for free is much needed. Balon gets the most from these and any of the power icon characters for third challenge ensure that superior claim and support of the people are triggered.

Maiden's Bane: Straightens anyone but is best for captains. Synergy with Euron is pretty strong.

Raiding Longship: Deck runs strong initiative and this helps control my challenges I want to win.

Refurbished Hulk: initiative builder and +1 gold yup good card. Coupled with Silence to come out for free and stand Euron is a good tempo Econ card

Sea Tower: Makes things cheap and is free. Always trying to get at least 3 econ in play after the first marshal phase is complete.

Silence: Awesome initiative bonus on it and is a strong support card not only for Euron but all ships in the deck. The surprise advantage of ambushing ships like Grey Ghost or Raiding Longship can turn a bad situation for my opponent into a nightmare. Love to attack let opponent assign a blocker and then drop Raiding Longship to win the unopposed. The ability to use up one of my opponents cards is always something I strive for.

Event Selection Nightmares: Staple card for every deck. Good stall card. Can shutdown combo decks for a turn if played at the right moment.

Rhymes With Meek: Card draw of 2 is strong. But a card draw of 3 after you have played Secrets of the Conclave can really help get the missing pieces into hand.

Risen from the Sea: Awesome against resets both mine and opponents. Coupled with the +1 str makes this a staple card for GJ

Superior Claim: A gain of 2 Power can really put pressure on your opponent and force them to move cards faster than they want trying to keep up in power and tempo.

Support of the People: Usually I grab what is going to help me push forward faster in power. Sometimes I push my luck to see if I can get the Kraken out even if I might struggle that turn.

Anyways that is my deck. Alot of trial and error with many GJ decks got me to this one. Feel free to examine it and comments are welcome.



Toaster 35

Quick question why do you prefer the classic Victarion over Big Dick Vick (MoD)?

Also do you like Alannys Greyjoy (CoS)? Which is in my opinion just another broken card.

Kakita_Rinsei 28

@Toaster Big VIc at 7 gold can be a problem vs a no econ starter and meager contribution. Sure he is a tank but in my deck the intimidation was my focus point. Kneeling warships can do the job to but Political disaster is a staple card in my area. No ships no Vic ability. Alannys Greyjoy absolutely agree broken if in the right deck that can bang out locations. She is a card drawing toolbox of that there is no doubt. However her 5 cost for me in this deck I found slowed my tempo during practice games. This deck is fast but sometimes lacks the resources to drop a couple of bigs in the same turn. It has happened a few times but its not a regular thing. GJ got a huge card with her being released.