Untapping Bobby

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Lawyer 418

This is the deck i've tested after the release of Baratheon Deluxe untill now. The Deluxe pack is not enough to made Baratheon back again but i had fun playing this. Cheers.


King Nothing 1

After saving with spears are you able to play a 7 coaster again? Even Baratheon isn't on the top right now, more cards will follow. A standing fast Bobby with CP 6 looks really interesting.

Lawyer 418

I've played this in a friendly tournament, and large tournament here in italy it suffers a lot the actual GJ meta 'cose GJ goes always first intimidating evrething. The spears let you play Robert or Stannis without copy soon as possible, I usually did not play Robert without copy or spears in play, Stannis is more sacrificabile and let you to find a Copy of robert easilly. On your question, yes, with a good economy o board you can play back one of two big guy easilly

akenathon80 1

Nice deck congrats, ghost and anguy seems to be a little too situational? No Place for lightbringer? 2× barring the Gates/red ronnet (meta call i can image) can be replace with pentoshi/Forced march/2nd Wildfire? Other pg? to replace Red ronnet? Thanks!

Lawyer 418

Hello, ofc Lightbringer is a choice. I played 1x just like a win more as 61th card. About the ohter options Red Ronnet was Ser Justin Massey at the starting point. They can be switched without problems. I choose Ronnet for Economy reasons. Anguy the Archer is here not for the ability but for the trait, icons and cost, Ghost of High Heart is another effect that can control the opponents hand during challenges ofc is 1x but is enough. On plots A City Besieged is in for slow your opponent's economy and for Winterfell giving you four turn when Stark can't block the agenda with it.