Top 4 NA Continentals: A Goat in Crow's Clothing

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chumbert 357

I'm sure the main goal is apparent. Assemble Jontron and become an unstoppable monster. How you do that can vary, but generally it includes Jon with seal of the hand on him and Spare Boot in play, giving you 3 intimidates, 3 cards (because he'll be sworn to the watch or you'll have a steward, builder, and ranger naturally), and between 2 and 10 power on a turn.

Important interactions:

Craven: as long as you have a 1 cost or higher attachment in play, you get to make sure their biggest threat is generally neutralized. You get to do this 3 times a game, maybe more if you have isle. Jon is great, but Craven on demand is the single most powerful tool this deck has, and why I think it's better than banner dragon.

Spare Boot: As mentioned above, he is key. Exactly why is due to the ruling on the interaction between him and Seal of the Hand. He can stand the seal while it stays on Jon, because you complete as much of his effect as possible. Spare Boot is not a lord, and therefore not a legal target. 3 challenges per turn with Jon is very good.

Catapult on the Wall: Use these to fetch Seal of the Hand, Lord Commander, and/or Longclaw (generally in that order, though situations arise that change that). Donal Noye makes this extra fun, as he saves you 2 gold and allows you to threaten any 4 str character they may bring to a challenge. Box Euron is a favorite target for this. Getting the most out of them by getting a kill and then turning it into a seal is always a solid play.

Begging Brother: In this meta, don't leave home without him. Too many powerful character effects like Meera, Ramsay, Mandon - the list goes on. When Jon is out, you want to use him and protect him, and this guy is a cure all.

Seasoned Woodsman: Amazing card in this deck. You can qohor the blades and picks onto him in challenges to trigger for draw, which effectively filters 2 cards out of your deck. You can draw up to 4 cards in a turn between marshalling and challenges, which helps make the deck really consistent.

Saves: Never put Jon out without a dupe or a surefire challenge win coming up to fetch a bodyguard. Maester Aempn is nice to have, and Ghost and Craster round out our protection suite. Craster is also a solid Lord Commander target in a pinch if Jon somehow dies or if you don't find him.

The Wall (Core): A backup plan if you can't find Jon or if he dies. Sometimes you'll play it even with him out, as the str boost is nice, and you can often intimidate them out to the point you get an offensive Wall trigger to speed up your win condition. I didn't see Jon in 5 games at Gencon, which is a lot compared to the odds and my experience in testing. The Wall won me 3 of those games. I lost the other two because I didn't have the Wall either and, well, if you have neither the Wall nor Jon, your army of chuds and attachment tricks is eventually going to fall short.


At the Gates, Forced March, and Valar Dohaeris are pretty standard, so I won't go into them much here.

Summons to find Jon, or if you already have him, Spare Boot. If you have both already, you should probably win, but use it to find pieces you need to protect or stop their tricks, like begging brother or Maester Mullin.

Pentoshi because if you have Jon and a seal or catapult you want to play them, simple as that. Or sometimes you've played them already and need to load up your field to support him.

Political Disaster is there because we only have 9 locations and generally don't care about them once Jon is out. It straight up wins games that would otherwise be in doubt or losses.

Barring the gates is a meta call for the shadows decks out there. It used to be a second forced march, but that is less effective vs jumping shenanigans, so barring helps solve the shadows matchup, which is generally weaker than GJ or other decks forced march hits hard.


Generally you're looking to set up some money and chuds, with an attachment or two. Setting up Miner's pick is a dream, and having seasoned woodsman early with some attachments in hand means finding Jon that much faster. If you have a craven in hand against GJ, even better, since they'll generally flop down a big turn 1.


I'm not big on doing these because the games inevitably fade together, but I do remember that I lost in top 4 to Free Folk because I mulliganed into a 3 gold setup. Can't come back from that one, no matter how many cravens you draw. No complaints on how the deck ran other than that one big dump at an inopportune time, but it happens with all decks at some point. Big thanks to all my opponents for making it a fun tournament, and congrats to the always great Tom Melucci on his win.

Hope you all enjoy!


YuleOoze 199

Congrats on your great performance/deck. :) Have you ever missed Three-Finger Hobb?

Diomedes 2993

Congrats! Definitely the coolest deck at GenCon :)

Sorry to hear about your Top 4 match. The variance between awesome and horrible setups looks indeed very high.

chumbert 357

@YuleOoze I used to have 1 Hobb, but he's not great with the reserve in this plotline of 7, 7, 5, 5, 4, 5, 6. Jon and Seasoned Woodsman draw more than enough cards for the deck, and Maester Mullin does more in his slot against cards like big Drogon.

@Diomedes the most disappointing thing about the top 4 was the deck generally sets up like a dream. 4 or 5 cards very consistently, sometimes 6. My mulligan hand was shadow tower mason, practice blade, roseroad, all 3 cravens and seized by the guard. There are only 8 cards in the deck I can't/shouldn't set up (3x craven, seized, seal, lord commander, 2x milk) and that hand had 4.

Diomedes 2993

There are some more attachments that occasionally don't have a target during setup like Bodyguard, Ghost, Miner's Pick (10% chance of no Builder/Steward), or even Sworn to the Watch. Jon, Donal Noye, and Begging Brother aren't cards you want to set up either, that's why I thought setups can be bad despite having lots of cheap characters and attachments.

argento 529

Congrats ! Nice deck ! For the watch !

Toaster 35

@DiomedesI think you are right, there seems to be quite a lot of bad setups.

uBaH 92

I'll build the deck for this week meetup, but Looking at the setup-ness of the deck I'll get slathered in my meta.

Daigelmir 1

Excellent deck and grats on your performance. It seems like milk of the poppy on Jon or Boots will shutdown the combo. How do you counter it?

chumbert 357

In order to shut Jon down, they'd need 2 milks, since Spare Boot can take 1 off him. If they find a 2nd, you can Dohaeris Spare Boot away and play another one you find. But it's not terribly important to un-milk Jon unless they get it on him right away, since the power rush element comes from the attachments. As long as you can continue to win challenges, you can accrue power.

Outside of Qohor, few decks will be milking Jon twice. But if they get double milk early, it can certainly slow you down a bit.

TeamBasho 74

How can you do 3 challenges ? Spare boots ability is limited , right ?

wisey105 1

@TeamBashoSatin can stand Jon Snow (MoD) if you have Sworn to the Watch attached to him.