Nobody Expects the Unexpected Guile (European Tyrell KoSh To

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Beludo 167

First of all it was a pleasure being in this event, I'm proud of this community for making this game so great. We had troubles with FFG but we solved them and we got at the end a great day.

Leaving the rainbows apart, let's talk about this nasty and disgusting beast. If you're asking 'What this deck does?' I'll answer it, basically it's simple you search for Unexpected Guile and the X counter card for the matchup you are having, for example Hired Assassin against other Kingdom of Shadows, Varys (DitD) for renown characters or simply take Shadow Priestess and kneel them all!


At the Gates simple economy or searching a dupe of Gates of the Moon(it's important the dupe we'll see it later). Forgotten Plansto avoid Barring the Gates or The King in the North and play safe. Trade Routes simply economy don't think more. Valar Morghulis emergency button. Varys's Riddle STOP PLAYING At the Gates AS FIRST PLOT! Political Disaster if you clear all characters you need to control the locations somehow. So just dupe all your unique locations and see a really good explosion. Also it's a metacall it destroys greyjoy and other shadows.


Black Market Merchant my favourite character because it searches my favourite card Unexpected Guile and goes out of shadows for free with the agenda. Nighttime Marauders crazy ones with UGui you can clear the hand of your opponents very easily. Shrewd Diplomat also goes nuts with UGui. Ser Mandon Moore too. Varys (DitD) too... Ser Robert Strong also... The Knight of Flowers (AtG) stands when UGui comes out... Well my impressions about Guille will come later (Broken cof cof).


The troll part of the deck, a.k.a plan B, Oldtown and Oldtown Undercity are stupid draw and passive power generator (Unless you have a 5s memory like me, I forgot like 3 times what card was on top...(YES I'm STUPID) Rest of the locations draw, search or economy that's it you don't need more. No kneeling effects mostly or dependant on Flea Bottom as Martell KoSh.


Gold, recursion and coins, 'All you need it's gold'


Now we are talking about the sick part, the Unexpected Guile +2STR (okey), Insight (well...) and you get back the character to a safe place without matter of winning or losing, just participate... well FFG, what the frick were you thinking?? (I'm not sure if I can say the F word, db must be Family friendly, so...). And let you repeat triggers of comig out of shadows, increases the number of shadows decreasing the cost to bring out Varys (DitD) please UGui on RL. Well I'll try to calm down with my Milk of the Poppy nice to blank your opponents characters like the shadows ones and kill them with Poisoned Coin or avoid any Greyjoy/Stark character. Oathkeeper more searching and it's a very good attachment, searcheable with merchant.


1st Round

Michalku Targaryen KoHH WIN This one was a favorable matchup, his Unexpected Delay couldn't do much, coin on Khal Drogo, Drogon (IDP) being out of challenge against Shrewd Diplomatand Daenerys Targaryen (TFM)killed by Ser Robert Strong.

2nd Round

David Kennedy Stark Fealty Top16 WIN Stark of winters and Wolfes, aggro deck without reset The Queen of Thorns (TMoW) won a challenge put in play Jon Connington who put Varys (DitD) and he couldn't win me a challenge anymore. Also in first plot Meera Reed dead by Hired Assassin, sorry dude. You did a great job in the tournament.

3rd Round

Ektor Angelomatis Stark Fealty Loss Well,good start of Ektor, dupes, Alysane Mormont No Surprisesand Ice not much to do here. The same will pass on Top 16.

4th Round

Michal Lewinski Tyrell SoB WIN Hard one, now comes the 1st tip against shadows NEVER renown on big characters, NEVER. Well Renly Baratheon (FFH) dead on turn 1, he broke my economy, but I killed him. That's nice deal. He won a lot of power thanks to oldtown, but he terrible missed many triggers of it, I could recover my economy and win 15/14 thanks to The Knight of Flowers (AtG) and Oldtowngoing first. Here Forgotten Plans saved me against The King in the North and Barring the Gates in last plot.

5th Round

Sokles Stark KoHH WIN Hard start, Harrenhal (GoH), White Harbor Watchman and [Meera Reed] (/card/11061) in play. Hagen's Daughter saved me the early game avoiding them with the UGui and milk on harborman. He did a No Surprises, I did valar and Nighttime Marauders and destroyed his hand and characters, he couldn't recover. I passed an anti-shadows deck without troubles, a lot of fear, but the deck it's strong.

6th Round

Daniel Riva Night's watch Summer Top16 WIN This was a poetic one, winning a Builder with passive power. IRONY, sweet irony. Oldtown district giving me passive power, Ser Robert Strong killing Halder thanks to Shadow Priestess, he played Fortified Position and I milked his Three-Finger Hobb. No draw no econ for him and me passive power and winning some challenges. Also Political Disaster made a lot of damage. Playing Nighttime Marauders on draw phase on trade turns saying cost 4 to avoid The Wall (Core). That's it. Congrats for your Top your deck was tough.

7th Round

Christian Pelka Greyjoy Prince Top32 WIN This one was tricky, hard early saved by Ser Robert Strong on Alannys Greyjoy (CoS),The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due, coin on Balon Greyjoy (Core), then Euron Crow's Eye (KotI) and Asha Greyjoy (Km) giving me nightmares I had to Valar. Asha alone with Victarion Greyjoy (MoD), I don't remember well how I killed Asha, but Ser Mandon Moore did a really nice one killing Victarion Greyjoy (MoD). He conceded after that, all his big guys were dead.


KAWSON Martell KoSh WIN The mirror this was weird I had it under control, killing 2 Starfall Spy with Ser Robert Strong, he was caught all the time, but in two plots Retaliation and You Win Or You Die he was at 14, Disaster make it worse, he hadn't drawn The Shadow City all game. At last, he valar'd himself killing all his table with no gold or draw, then The Knight of Flowers (AtG) and a Shadow Priestess did their work and gave me the victory. Hard one at the end.


Massimo Lizzori Greyjoy Rains Top8 As with Ektor, couldn't do much. Trying to kill big guys with varys and nighttime marauders searching risens and vinces, but all the dupes and vinces stop me.

It's a very good deck thanks to UGui, I think it's what makes it better Tyrell KoSh better than Lannister and Martell.


r480 146

Awesome work man! Even though I hate shadows in this edition, gotta say that I don't wanna face this ever :D What a nightmare! And yes, I believe Tyrell is better for the agenda due to its flexibility with UG and also PD (Tyrell doesn't give a fuck about PD). Grats on the performance man! Robotniiiiiiik!

Badrach 17

GO DOKTOR!!!!!!!!!

kawson 85

Hey Beludo - great deck and great driving it. Unexpected Guile is soooo broken :) Our Top32 game was great, best game of tournament for me. Well done:)

Beludo 167

@kawsonyeah was a hard game, you fought bravely and you got me there. And you did a great work. Congrats for your tournament, you should be proud.

Redrio 1

Nice deck dude

badass_bard 20

@Beludo Very nice deck, thx for sharing! Do you think Shadow of the Rose has a place in this deck or do you deem it to be too expensive and/or redundant?

Beludo 167

@badass_bardyes my next change or test will be changing hollow hill for shadow of the rose time will say. I think will be better because it's mother card that searches the guile.

Benji 758

Finally the list to read. Congrats, superb.

You put all your characters in x2 because with the draw of Tyrell you are ensured to see them ? When I was running x3 characters, I was rapidly drawing dead with no cycling possible...

Derbo 7

Great deck! Our match in round 7 was very tense. Your constant kill effects and my lack of saves brought me down. You made no mistake for me to exploit. Well played, see you at Stahleck.

Beludo 167

@Benji mostly when you have 1 in play you don't need many more thanks to guile, that's the key of the reason I think Tyrell it's the best faction for shadows easiest draw, no kneeling locations effects and you choose what to draw. @Derbo yeah, very tense one you put me through a lot in the early game and you had some bad draws no Vince or risen and it's hard against shadows having no savings. Stahleck I have to consider. Very bad day for me, Spanish national it's the previous weekend.

Benji 758

@Beludo: After Exposed Duplicity, I will play Tyrell Shadow without much hesitation. Right now, I think there is a debate. Later, I think there will be none.

Laplante 214

Gratz on the good showing with list (but frustrated cause I was working on a very similar list lately, wanted to show how Unexpected Guile is a dumb card, you did first well done ^^).

I was almost to the same conclusion, yet they’re a few things I’d like to ask :

Oldtown helps out with power gaining and draw, but have you considered running The Starry Sept instead ? It can fulfill the same purpose while offering some more control + some Varys triggers. Where are Catspaw ?! The card is amazing and give some more character/challenge denial, and with the Tyrell Econ it’s really not much a problem.

On the other hand I had troubles using KoF in this build, didn’t found him that great in the end, bit expansive and I try to let my board empty every turn and he doesn’t fit that theme much I fear.

Nice idea for Hollow Hill, I think Shadow of the Rose is strictly better for a similar use (maybe a bit more expansiv).

What do you think of Bloody Flux in the build ? Bit too much or okish :) ?

Thanks for sharing and Gratz again !

Beludo 167

@Laplante catspaw it's a terrible card, bad tempo, expensive, and terrible strength and icons. Starry sept is expensive and you don't win power so easily against top factions, also bad for disaster. KoF it's a finisher he renowns 3 times with big board he won me 4 games in the tournament. Bloody flux doesn't fit well poor gold and so random sometimes and it's only useful against greyjoy being realistic.

Beludo 167

@Benji Expose duplicity will be only played in rains and maybe wars but normal decks won't play it.

Benji 758

I have a slightly different view. Right now, we see Shadow as a very good thematic. So any RL that will balance the game by restricting the dominant faction will make Shadow considerable at toplevel. Meaning that any deck will have to make a slight effort to metagame Shadow "just in case". Exposed Duplicity provides a complete solution, therefore it will be considerable in any decklist as the 7th plot as long as Shadow is one among few top Tiers thematic. But mainly, it will become easily playable in Rains and WtC, i.e two agendas that are naturally the home of "Metagame decks" aimed at countering the meta (cf. Nimer). So I firmly believe that Exposed Duplicity will have to be taken into account, and the usual argument that "it will be played only in some decks !" is in fact reinforcing the argument that Shadow player has to be prepared for it, because the seldomness of ED make it an even better solution when the window for a Rain/WtC deck exists (Similar logic than why you play Tyrell and UG : You are less expected ). On the ED vs Shadow meta-game, ED has the dominant position and direct the dance.

Beludo 167

Definitely Shadow of the Rose goes in, trade routes turn it's incredible. @Benjihow many shadows were in european? If you played an event of 164 people, would you put ED in a Stark, greyjoy no rains, NW, Baratheon no wars, having in most of your games a dead plot?

Fenderico 267

Man, I have to tell you: I love the name of this deck. I don't know why, but I love it. Expect the unexpeecteeeeed