Doomsday Mission

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Setzer 73

I. What is the deck?

Doomsday Mission aimed at gaining the fifteen power needed to win a single turn. With the correct cards in play and a discard pile with some key events, the deck aims to establish an infinite loop. The loop would result in infinite gold and the ability to initiate infinite challenges that will inevitably result in the fifteen power. The deck is pretty resilient to misfiring, misfiring being an attempt to go off by while missing a piece and looking for cards, and has answers to even some of the most problematic cards like Bran Stark or Mira Reed.

II. What are the key interactions?

A Mission in Essos + A Mission in Essos: With two Missions you can create a pile of cards that you will continuously draw through. When the second Mission is played the first mission ends up in the deck. This allows for a loop to be established of playing cards, finding a mission, playing mission and repeat.

Planky Town Trader + The Knight of Flowers (HoT)/Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR) + To the Rose Banner!: This is the money of the loop. Planky puts either HoF or Ser Garlan into play. Now that they don’t leave, To the Rose Banner is just pure money. Repeat playing To the Rose Banner with your loop, instant infinite gold.

Orphan of the Greenblood + Greenblood Trader + Unbridled Generosity: Orphan can bounce a character. Greenblood Trader when played lets you look at the top two cards and add one to your hand. So Orphan can bounce the Trader. Instant infinite draw! Well, card selection which is important since we need to keep a card in the deck at all times and this does it for us. Unbridled Generosity will keep putting more gold onto our Orphan and with the Mission loop, we have infinite gold on the Orphan.

Olenna's Informant + All of the Above: The key to winning the game. How? I’ll get to that in the next section.

III. How do to play the deck?

We have the key card interactions from the section above, but how does that enable us to win? It is simple really. Infinite gold in your gold pool allows you to ambush an Olenna’s Informant during challenges. Infinite gold on the Orphan of the Greenblood will bounce the Informant. What does this do for you? Well, if I can do this an infinite number of times, I can create infinite challenges. And infinite challenges will inevitably lead to infinite unopposed challenges and infinite power. How do we get to this point? Well, there are a ton of lines. You can use some early gold to Orphan + Trader to find the pieces you need. The deck has some defensive cards like Burning on the Sands to protect your hand. Bear and the Maiden Faire and A Gift of Arbor Red can also give you the last couple pieces needed to go off. There are additional ways to go off, for instance, you don’t need Planky Town Trader on HoF or Garlan, but it is a hard loop to go through and requires a ton of understanding/reps to get it going. Two copies of Orphan make loops easier but it can be done with one but will require more copies of Unbridled Generosity in the loop. Lastly is Starry Sept, the card that allows you to beat Left and Right or some other infinite defender. Get power on it and blank them, or just win infinite power challenges and put fifteen power on it.

IV. Thanks

And that is it for the deck. There are a ton of decision points getting up the point you can combo, too many to go over in this write up, but I encourage you to try it out yourself and see if you get the combo off. There were also some theoretical changes to the deck that was going to happen had the deck not been killed before its time, but I will keep that a secret for myself.

I want to give a special thanks to my co-deck builder/tester, Nich Prax. He did the bulk of testing for the deck, listened to my ramblings about potential additions to the deck, especially when I went too far with the combo and together we were able to create a beautiful puzzle to solve. Thanks for reading and hope you got some insight on how the combo works and the amount of work we put into this.


Feanor 49

A true masterpiece <3

Kakita_Shiro 773

Truly a work of genius. Pour one out for a real one.

celric 404

RIP Mission to Essos. What a cool card. Wonderful deck.

Deilan 1

Mission and To the Rose banner are restricted no ? As mentioned, your deck is not legal.

Setzer 73

@DeilanI had built this deck and sent the list to a couple of people before Mission was on the RL, it found its way to FFG design and then Mission was put onto the RL. Very few people knew the deck existed or why the card was put onto the RL and I wanted people to know why.

Deilan 1

Ok, thanks for the share!

avada 1

how to stand HoF

Setzer 73

@avadaKoF? All of your challenges are done with the Olenna's informant.