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More of a tournament report than an original decklist, as I am a shameless netdecker. This is the deck I took to US Grands (Nationals) 2019 and got 28th place, going full submarine to reach 4-2. I don’t remember every detail of every game, but I’ll try to point out some interesting plays. Going into the tournament, I had no idea what to play. I also did not have a ton of time to practice due to a long international work trip. The Thursday before, I decided I wanted to play Stark, so I played a few games of Wammas UK Nats Fealty list and felt comfortable with it. It’s a real good deck, but at 2AM the morning before, I decided I wanted to play something different and fun. I had played prancingPWNys Stark Hollow Hill deck a while ago and thought it was really fun, so I decided to just go with that, with about 4 cards different. Plus it felt right to play Knights of the Hollow Hill in Greg Atkinsons backyard. I am generally a proponent of “reps over deck,” so my choice of the deck that I had little reps was going to be interesting.

Round 1 vs Mira Byrd Martell The Wars to Come

Speaking of reps, Mira has been perfecting this deck for years, and it shows. I should have mulliganed, and I miscounted my first turn marshaling by 1 gold. After stopping the winning Doran’s Game with No Surprises, my Valar Dohaerys was cancelled, and it was over from there. 0-1

Round 2 vs Aleesa Baakko Greyjoy Prince (Balon)

My opening hand had Ward and Ramsey, which is what I found to be my preferred start. I had to try to bait out the Fanatic first, so I played Passing the Black Gate, a Bear Island Scout into She-Bear into Arya, none of which got canceled. Played the Ward and Kingroad into Ramsey to clear her board. She marshaled a Shipwright and box Asha, duped. She was able to search for Balon, and was able to get him rolling, and I couldn’t really stop it. On the final turn, I used Meera to blank Asha, thinking I could strike back through the stealth, but that was a really bad mistake as it let Balon run free. 0-2, but feeling like I can do well if I stop making dumb mistakes.

Round 3 vs Will Heifner Greyjoy Lord of the Crossing

Again I had to attempt to bait out the Fanatic with She-Bear/Arya, but this time dropped down Roose to clear the board save a lone Euron to get Marched the next round. Turn two he plays Box Balon, who gets marched the next round. With little characters and little cards in hand, it was over. 1-2

Round 4 vs Collin Weir Martell Alliance Stag Wolf

This game went to time. I don’t remember all the details, but an early Political Disaster took out about 6 of Collins locaction, including the Throne and Painted Table. The game went to time with me sitting at 14 power to Collins 8 or 9. It was a very fun game. 2-2

Round 5 vs Darlene Plis Free Folk

I mulliganed into a hand of mostly events and small characters. Darlene setup two Wildling Scouts and a Crow Killers. Instead of the normal Fallen From Favor, I went for Counting Coppers, knowing that I’ll likely lose 4 cards from hand. Darlene goes first and marshals Val. For my marshaling I played an econ location and a Bolton Flayer into Shadows. Darlene does all three challenges, kneeling out. I lose 4 cards, but strike back by bringing the Flayer out of shadows, play I Am No One and win both challenges. I was able to keep her board low, which is key against FF. She got to about 9-10 power, but eventually her deck ran out of steam. It didn’t help that her own Barring the Gates hurt her more than me. 3-2

For those that don’t know, there were some players that had deals going on where if they went 4-2 or better, they would be able to get a puppy. Darlene was one of them, and I was the one to hand her the 3rd loss, taking her out of the puppy bowl. With myself at 3-2, it was win and in. When I saw who my next opponent was, the full submarine journey would require another puppy victim…

Round 6 vs Kira Reed Baratheon The Wars To Come

This game wasn’t close at all. Kira drew all her locations and barely any characters, which is bad news against attrition decks. My starting hand had Ward/Ramsey, but didn’t need it first turn as Kira opened Riddle to my Fallen From Favor. Stannis eventually got marched as well. 4-2, in the cut, and another puppy soul crushed.

Graduated Cut game vs Harrison Anderson Greyjoy Sun

This game was intense, and extremely close. I was not sure how the matchup with Drowned God would go. I figured I could be in trouble if he gets Naggas Ribs early, since a lot of my character removal sends to the discard pile. He is able to get Naggas early, as well as 2-3 Desert Raiders. I only saw 1 Ward all game, and no Frozen Solid, which I absolutely needed for the Ribs. I was able to clear Tarle with Ramsey Skagos Ramsey, which definitely helped. We go 7 plots, a well timed Fanatic on Summer prevents Meera from coming back. Time is called, I get to 14 power, Harrison gets 2-3 power onto a Disciple, wins a power challenge and dominance for the 15th power and it’s GG. I know you aren’t supposed to do this, but I flipped the next two cards of my deck and one is a Ward, which may have won me the game if it came a little earlier. Alas, that is how card games go sometimes. Definitely the craziest game I played this weekend. Harrison played masterfully as well.

Despite my early mistakes, I really enjoyed playing the deck. I felt I really learned the cool plays as I went. Almost like I should have practiced it more! Still happy I went with the choice though. Thanks to prancingPWNy for posting the list.

US Nats was an absolute blast. Will and co absolutely outdid themselves to put on a great tournament at a great venue. Thank you so much to everyone that made it happen!


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Thanks for the write-up!

thehumanh 167

Our cut game was intense and fun, thanks for a great match as always Alex!