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sunwukong91 55

my first wildling deck, made this for a friend, any constructive criticism would be welcome!

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badass_bard 20

This deck has one goal only - Absolute Agression and putting the opponent under immense pressure because of it.

Therefore you need to play more 2 claim plots. You can cut Morghulis, Retaliation (you always want to go first with this deck), At the Gates (Too slow, believe it or not) and City of Secrets (just a bad plot in general).

You can add things like The Winds of Winter and The Long Winter. Many FF players even include Famine and sometimes Early Frost in their decks.

The latter ones are good to give your opponent no outs to get back into the game after you cleared his board of characters.

You want to play 3 Weirwood Bow - It's like your best card in the deck. Milk of the Poppy should probably be a 3-of as well.

You can cut King Beyond the Wall, Lady Forlorn and Strangler. All are pretty bad. Dito, Superior Claim, The Iron Bank Will have its Due and imho even Put to the Sword (too expensive and situational in this deck).

You will want to play more characters, 32 is too low with this kind of deck. Crow Killers, Nothern Refugee (after you changed the plot deck), Rattleshirt, Varamyr Sixskins (him especially), Wildling Bandit, Wildling Scout and Ygritte should all be played as a 3-of.

Isle of Ravens doesn't do enough in this kind of deck. It has its place in Sea of Blood decks but that's about it.

You should also try to stay at 60 or 61 cards at the most. It maximizes your chances to draw the cards you want/need.

For further reference a really good list that's a bit older now but still a good list for oneself to orient by:


As I see, I forgot to mention Lem Lemoncloak and Nightmares. which both probably should be included as well.

Best regards and happy deckbuilding,