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Taotao 9

This is my first self-made deck after running premades and community lists for about half a year now. I haven’t played it at any events but I have a decent sized playing circle in the Austin area. The deck can hold its own with the right matchups in Joust but it shines in melee. The focus of the deck is to spam relatively low cost lords and ladies and killing them when Joffrey or Margaery come out as soon as possible, while having enough utility and stall to make past plot 4-5. I run 2 wildfire assaults as my main plot without much military claim in order to kill my own characters and filter power for Joffrey with the boy king and getting out more powerful characters with Margaery, as needed. I don’t have much experience with he Stark alliance as they are a relatively new edition to this deck, but in the 3 games I’ve played with it House of Black and White has been a crucial pressure tool and a good way to kill your own lowbie lords. Additionally, once you get a Lady Sansa’s Rose along with Knighted and Lord Renly’s Ride, you can combo for a quick 4 power. With a Silver Hair Net on any of your ladies like Brienne, Arya, or Margaery, you can Knight them, stealth any prime opposition, and proc Lady Sansa’s Rose off your own lady for a brutal intimidate/4 power play. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, as of right now I’m not running a restricted Joust card because I can’t decide which would fit well. I’m looking forward to taking it to an event in the near future!

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RorschackCqd 1

While I don’t think this deck fits into the meta at all after test running it for 4-5 draw sims and losing twice online (joust ofc) I think it’s creative. I disagree with your choice in alliance with the Starks. I understand your reasoning with adding more lords and ladies, but your main focus should be on getting out Joffrey and Margaery with their duplicates as soon as possible, and the additional cards from the Stark alliance reduces those odds by 11-23-34% with each extra card.