The Deck That Was Promised

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kaysan023 7

The Deck That Was Promised

A Derivation of "The Deck That Was Intended" by Snowed.

First deck that I am trying to build around the available packs I have purchased so far. Basic goal of the deck is to make sure you are winning Power challenges and Dominance phase.

Trying to lean on bigger income from doubling up rich locations like The Roseroad and The Starry Sept

If opponent sets up more locations start with Trade Routes but if they set up more characters, set up Calling the Banners .

Parley at Storm's End comes in handy to make sure you are getting the Power challenges and characters are stacked heavier on the power side forcing you opponent to attempt a power challenge or skip it.

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citra78 1

Even with your reduced card pool, I would only run 1 copy of Shireen, if you want cheap bodies r’hollor infiltrator have good traits and can give you a final push to victory in the dominance phase, or even vanguard lancers, florent trait means more draw from Alester.

Red Priest is amazing, you want three of them, drop bastard of nightsong to two, better for your curve also. You have plenty of r’hollor trait cards so Seen in Flames should also be considered, knowledge is power, you won’t need to hands judgement what they don’t have in hand.