Hod The Dragonpit 5-2 UK Thrones WAR Top 32

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Acloakofred 53



Thanks for looking at the deck list! This might be the first list I’ve published so forgive me for a terrible and long write up.

So this was the HoD deck that team Targ took to thrones war. I didn’t originally start with this, in fact I started building for war with Targ whitebook but that’s for another time....

The HoD discussion for Targ was basically only ever Meereen or The dragon pit. I’m sure Meereen is a good card and I know it’s great blah blah blah but I just can’t use it. Either I have super bad luck or just make stupid decisions using it at the wrong time I’ll never know so I had to play #dragonpit.

First of all people will question, “oh but isn’t this bad because people will just put more cards in shadows than you?”. Yeah that happens a lot if they can, the thing is sometimes people end up prioritising the shadow count rather than keeping a big board and targ loves a small board to burn and control.

I think the most cards I had in shadows was probably like 3/4 and dragonpit was switched on.

Enough of my blabbering and I’m sure I’ll answer most questions if any in the comments below, as this was a while ago ill try and write some notes from my games over the weekend.

Game 1 Dan Williams- Tyrell banner of the sun - Win

Awesome, first matchup against the one faction that has fantastic str buffs! I can say I wasn’t looking forward to this and to make things worse I think Dan drops about 3/4 cards into shadows on turn 1. It seemed to be a shadow heavy deck but I was winning intrigue challenges and triggering shadowblack lane to find all my burn. With Dan’s board being in shadows I could just keep the board tiny with burn so that anything he brought out of shadows didn’t last long and managed to get the win!

Game 2 James Parsons- Nw SoB - loss

I was really wanting to play against a Nw wall defence deck as I think burn had a better match up against it, I was certainly not looking forward to a turn 1 bound for the wall on Drogon. I even joked about it before hand to everyone one the same table before our game began. Low and behold that’s exactly what happened... It basically came down to the first turn military challenge. I managed to burn through two characters but a crucial nightmares on The Dragonpit meant that he managed to win the mil by exactly 5 (I think) trigger SoB and bound for the wall Drogon. I valar turn 2 to clear the board but James replenished his board and I just can’t keep up, I think we play for another two plots before I concede as there was just no way of coming back against SoB.

Game 3 Rik Raddigan - stark Lord of the crossing - win

Crossing is a lovely match up for burn and unfortunately for Rik I seen all of it. Rik tried to make the best of what he could but I had the absolute world of burn and proceeded to kill absolutely everything. Massive props to Rik for trying to keep the game going by throwing out everything he could and continuing to fight but conceded once he had a hand of dead cards. Sorry about that Rik!

Game 4 Johan Törngren - Martel Alliance goat dragon - win

This game I can’t really remember much apart from Johan setting up 4 str 1 characters so I opened blood of the dragon switching on my slavers bay port from turn 1. I think this was just another game where dragon pit made all of the chuds completely useless, unable to make challenges/defend and even contribute str for dominance. An early shadowblack lane allowed me to find all my tasty burn which meant that when Johan finally did drop Hizdar and began marshalling bigger characters I had all my burn events waiting for them.

Game 5 - Joe Harrison - Lannister HoD bowels - loss

So this was a great game against a lovely opponent that unfortunately I just couldn’t even compete sadly. I knew fine well I was never going to be able to have more cards in shadows so tried to concentrate on hitting the best burn targets. That’s when Joe marshalled the tunnels giving +str to every character per cards he had in shadows. That along with a fully bestowed begging brother, Cersi destroying my hand and assassins ambushing in I never stood a chance. I was left without a hand and nothing on the board and Joe sailed to victory.

(I thought about flexing into shadowblack lane for this match up but knowing what I knew afterwards there was no way I could win an intrigue so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway!)

Game 6 David Kennedy - GJ lord of the crossing - Win

This was by far the hardest game I played all day.

Everyone knows that GJ can marshal big after big and David lives up to expectations doing just that. I must say it was probably one of the most coolest GJ crossing decks I’ve ever played against. It was a GJ pillage deck using scouting vessels with big asha and pillage balon with crown of salt and rock.

This game was super superrrrr tight but I managed to burn and marched every big. I’m pretty sure I was 12 - 5 power down on turn 5 which was the YWOYD turn. It came down to David not having the last copy of risen in his hand even after searching what felt like his entire deck from 3 triggers of asha in the previous round. I think after that I managed to UO my way to victory.

This was hands down the best game of thrones I’ve ever played and David was an amazing opponent, once again thank you for such an amazing game.

Game 7 - Stefan Rockensuess Bara fealty - win

After my last game against David this one is pretty blurry, I remember having lots of burn and pyro Danny T. I think the crucial turn was being able to burn two red priests in one phase once I won a challenge with a dragon to bring back my dragon is no slaves.

Again very sorry I didn’t have any more notes from this game but this was so very very late into the day and I was superrrrr tired.

Game 8/grad cut - Mira Bird - Nw wolf - loss

As soon as I found out that I was playing against NW wolf I think my heart sank a little from remembering the turn 1 drogon steal from the day before. Mira proceeded in showing me a masterclass in NW steal, including seeing all 3 bounds by turn 2 even when I discarded 1 of them for intrigue.

Not much to say apart from Mira absolutely battered me. Great game Mira and hopefully we will get to have a rematch sometime in the future!

So that’s it, my first list published and first report written.

I hope you enjoyed it if you made it this far!

Lots of love! Sweeney


hagarrr 579

Bound for the Wall OP pls restrict!

Congrats on making the cut mate, unlucky you didn’t get drafted to Stark and win the whole thing ;)

Talk to me about those boring Covert Loyalists and your decision to play Inn at the Crossroads...

Acloakofred 53

Covert loyalist were basically used as extra shadows cards and only ever brought out to discard a dead Danny or Drogon from hand if I needed a body on the board. For the most time they sat in shadows. They’re not fantastic but I believe they’re necessary.

The inn at the crossroads was another extra shadows card and can be used if you suspect them to run political disaster. I normally used it the turn before I thought I could close to help seal the deal and draw out of targ is hard work sometimes!

Icarus 108

Excellent work Sweeney, a really fun deck to tweak and play.

Burn them all!

Stormborn 301

Nice deck! Got crushed by Ian at Wars with HRD Pit.

ChannelDelibird 928

Disappointed to see you never flexed into HRD Inn at the Crossroads tbh

alaxmo13 1

@Acloakofred which cards you used to search with HRD agenda and which was your main strategy with this deck?

And one last question: If you could have the chance of update your deck, which cards you would add, remove or change? Now you have played with it and you know the good and bad points of it.

Thank you and congratulations for this deck :)

Acloakofred 53

@ChannelDelibird now that you’ve mentioned this I don’t think I can ever forgive myself for not doing it!

@alaxmo13This deck I specifically built for The Dragonpit as it’s hrd location if that’s what your asking. Main strategy was to set up a good econ on the first two turns of possible, make sure you have 1 more card in shadows than your opponent and just play a slow game. Don’t rush to much, just put out what you need to in order to defend challenges and try to keep the board small where you can. Around turn 3/4 is normally we’re if start turning up the heat as that’s when I start playing my trade route to get the gold to either drop something big or go for bigger targets with the burn.

I think for this deck I wouldn’t change too many of the cards, it feels very well balanced and I think we have the card ratios right to have a good setup and a good number of shadow cards to make the agenda work. You could maybe argue that the new Jorah would be more suited? I don’t know but I also like core Jorah for his cost and renown seen as we don’t have that many power icons and he helps with setups :)

alaxmo13 1

@Acloakofred nice, thank you for your advices. I will try this deck and I hope to play a good games!

Acloakofred 53

@alaxmo13 You’re very welcome!