We Need To Talk About Kevan

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ChrisChris 931

As one approaches the end of their journey, it's not uncommon to look back upon the beginning, remember the promise and wonder and exploration, those first tentative steps into the unknown when anything was possible. In this case, it's a time to remember Lannister dominance, a time when a Tywin, reducer, economy location setup was already 'good game.' Lannister could play jumpers on Crossing or aggro with the Dragon banner or just good stuff with Rose and Wolf. They could ambush chumps after First Snow. On the back of the incredible in-faction economy of Tywin and Tyrion and ability to cancel Kingsroad with Treachery when the second best in-faction economy was Beggar King, Lannister ran train. Through the first year of the game, Lannister made up a fifth of all tournament entries, a quarter of all cut participants and a quarter of all tournament victors. Its qualification ratio was 0.3 for the first year of the game.

But Lannister lost its way. Core Tywin was no longer the undisputed top seven drop. Core Tyrion was no longer the best five drop. They started getting cheap intrigue monocons instead of good cards. Other factions began to get good and even better economy. Lannister has only begun to recover recently as its shadows theme reached maturity.

Let's try to revive that glorious past. Let's see some nonsense economy and characters hopping in and out of play. We begin with Kevan Lannister, no one's favorite Lannister but far from the worst Lannister. He pulls a location or attachment into play when he is marshalled. For six gold, you get a blank four-strength body with intrigue and power icons and something else, maybe worth four gold. That's okay. Could be worse. Definitely no Wyman or Euron. How do we maximize him? How do we get things in the discard pile? Well, we could play Greensight, or (better) we could choose Gold Mine with Red Door to get gold and draw and stuff in our discard pile. How do we get Kevan back in hand and spam his ability? Regent's Guard and Iron Bank will Have Its Due are the most direct methods, but Tower of the Hand presents a conundrum for the opponent. They can block and lose intrigue, sending Kevan and one of their own back to hand, or let it go unopposed and lose something else to A Pinch of Powder. That's fun.

The rest of the game is just controlling the board and opponent's hand through plots and shadows effects and other known quantities.

Could be worse.


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2deep99me 73

HRD requires a unique location, otherwise happy to see someone trying to use Big Kev.

I'm excited!