Bran the Broken, Prince of Pups

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ChrisChris 938

The trick of The Prince that was Promised is finding the right Prince. From what character can you draw the most value by winning the power challenge by five and standing them or returning them to play? Characters with keywords are obvious choices. More renown, more insight, more intimidate is good. Characters with powerful effects are good, too. More Daario triggers? More Ramsey and Roose triggers? Might be a little tricky, but yeah, those are cool.

Me? I like to play support. I like a Prince that eschews the spotlight, a prince that makes those around him better. I like a Prince like Bran Stark, Bran the Broken, First of His Name. Kneel Bran and go attrition by standing Greywind to eat the chumps, kneel Bran and go midrange by standing Nymeria and hammering in the intimidate. It's a toolbox on the back of the best trait in the game.

Some people might say I'm mad for building a Prince deck whose Prince can be stolen by Angry Yoren or taken in by a Ward. Perhaps they're right. There are workarounds, I guess. Greywind can eat the big guy with a little help from some Wolves of the North. Maybe there's just the one workaround. Try not to play against Night's Watch, Wolf. That's a kind of workaround.



Diomedes 2867

You are not alone, there is a really cool Prince Bran deck participating in the World Cup: ;-) It's going full Grey Wind with 3x Defiance and The Annals of Castle Black :-D

ChrisChris 938

That Defiance play is pretty sweet. Curse my feeble mind for not thinking of it.