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MindsDesire 48

This deck was made by Colt Humbert for me to play at this event and we tuned it together so huge shoutout to him!

This is the deck I played to a top 4 finish at Thronestoberfest 2019 I was top Greyjoy, finished King of Swiss and lost to a very very bad matchup played by a strong opponent.

General synopsis of the deck is to setup a big + econ + a chud ideally. 6-2-0 7-1-0 6-1-1 setups. With the goal of the deck being insane value from scouting vessel. Scouting vessel + asha, Euron and Gregor is insane, not to mention the synergies with corpse lake, King of Salt and Rock, Balon, Orkmont reaver and Gorold. I would have played 10 scouting vessels if I could have. Every one of the big chars has renown or in Asha’s case can gain renown via black wind.

We streamlined the deck to have as many of these setups as possible.

Less than obvious card choices:

Confiscation: Due to the importance of your characters I needed a way to interact with things like craven, milk etc... It mostly was used to kill opponents king attachments when they flipped king plot (happened 4 times)

Great Hall: This deck cannot function without great hall, plain and simple, the game plan is to make a 6-7 cost character every turn and without the consistency of great hall that’s just not happening.

Boy King: Instead of a 3rd KoSaR Colt gave me a boy king which lets me play it along with a KoSaR already in play and still get effect. Also not all of my bigs are ironborn so it gives me another shot for gaining a king and Tommen makes 4 king cards.

Replacement Vince package: Tickler, Lancel, Gunthor,Tommen + Jaime and Gregor give me enough unique Lannister characters to play 2x treachery which along with alchemist’s guildhall give me some of the protections vince offered. It wasn’t the actual same but it helped enough and great hall had no real replacement.

Highlights of the event:

Vs Lannister Crossing - Gregor military challenge, I win and use 2 scouting vessels, I kill Tywin, Tyrion, The Hound and the Hound kills Maester Pycelle. At the end of the game my opponent shows me his hand consisting of Tywin, Tyrion and The Hound.

Vs Martell Hollow Hill - My opponent has starfall so for military claim I choose Gregor instead of a reducer chud for claim which ended up being right as funny as it was.

Vs Stark Crossing - My opponent had wolf king in play so I flipped confiscation vs the coming King Plot and killed their “King” and then I marshaled KoSaR followed by my King Plot next turn.

Vs Stark Crossing - I use Asha + Scouting Vessel on to dig for cards, I end up with all 3 risens in my hand and Valar next turn, opponent heir to the iron thrones into bran and I just have them all to seize control of the game.

Final thoughts are that this deck was a lot of fun to play, it’s super focused on its goal and can go very fast. I think this deck benefitted heavily from the restriction of forced march as that card wrecks me and the lower number of “marched to the wall” being played at the moment.

Thanks for reading, I can answer any questions, or I can ask Colt if I don’t know haha!


P_Gedi 148

Deck looks super fun / dangerous - any changes you’d make post the tournament?

MindsDesire 48

@P_Gedi Nope, I was very happy with how it played and wouldn’t change anything if I had to run it back.

TrueSokles 47

if 7-1-0 so mportant why only 3 one drops?

MindsDesire 48

@TrueSokles there just aren’t any real 1 drops to add, you could consider some lannisport merchants but need to find space for them, i’m sure it’s doable.