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ChrisChris 950

The history of this game is littered with big, flashy characters who never found a place. Six- and seven-drops who raise claim and control the board but whose supporting pieces were too weak or were simply passed over for purely efficient characters. I did not raise my voice as we allowed Clansmen Tyrion, Box Doran, Box Garlan and their kind to fade from our memory, but today I say no more. We should be playing Box Renly. He's fun.

The deck begins with Renly and the Warhammer. Nothing wrong with bouncing in a Dornish Spy or Begging Brother, but we're after bigger fish. Pop in a Starfall Cavalry? Get draw and a four-strength body for the cost of a faction kneel? Please. How about Arianne Martell? Remember Crown of Gold and point-and-click removal? What if your point-and-click removal came along with insight on a five-strength body? Of course Big Arianne has her own problems, namely she's only popping characters with lower-strength and missing out on the scariest opponent's, but that's not such a problem once you get Hotah's Axe in hand and are pumping her strength to eight for free on drop. Not bad, huh?


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