Azhor Ahai Naharis

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ChrisChris 950

Have we made yet another mistake in the identity of the Azhor Ahai? Was he under our noses this entire time? Was he taunting us with a simple puzzle? Is Naharis an anagram for Azhor Ahai? No, apparently not, but maybe the captain of the Stormcrows should be the return of this hero of legend.

It boggles me that a character who can stand a wide variety of characters and steal even more on a relatively simple trigger has languished in obscurity for almost three cycles, doubly so since the release of Mercenary Contract literally making every character who can take attachments a target. Fortunately I'm here now to give Daario Naharis his due.

The deck begins, as all great decks begin, with getting Azhor Ahai Reborn upon Daario and a mob of R'hllor to back him up. Now we can trigger him a pile of times. Good start. Step two? Find targets. Fickle Bannerman is one. Slam through some extra renown and still have him standing to protect against a power challenge on the swingback. In a pinch Acolyte of the Flame can be stood to drag Daario Reborn into another challenge. Those are some nice, constructive options. What about stealing over your opponent's Allies, Mercenaries and Companions? I heard taking characters is good, but it kind of depends on your opponent giving you targets. That's bad. But Mercenary Contract can go on any character. That's good. Win a challenge, trigger Trading with Qohor to dump something else to put the Contract on your opponent's nastiest character and win the next challenge with Daario, triggering him. Use this new Mercenary as you will, and if your opponent refuses to oblige by initiating a military challenge that you can kill their character for, just Sacrifice to the Red God and find another character. Fun.



Frerinwarrior 1

Sacrificed to the Red God is a marshalling action, so you can't really sacrifice the stolen character.

ChrisChris 950

Only if your opponent reads the card.

belazhul 1

@ChrisChrisgood deck, but best comment ever