Targ Valyrian New Dany

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Targ Valyrian Dany Voltron: 2-3 Durham Prime 0 0 0 2.0

scantrell24 3239

First draft.


Tavoittamaton 19

Got to test run this tonight, loads of fun. Thanks!

Alduc 20

Quick question: is The Prince Who Came Too Late your opening plot?

scantrell24 3239

@AlducYes, in most games. It can also be KitN if you have Hizdar, Beggar King, or Gift to fetch Beggar KIng, but usually Prince.

Alduc 20

Got to play it last night. Even in this first draft form... this deck is solid. I was able to voltron Daenerys Targaryen (DotE) starting turn two, and the power ramp is such that winning turn three is clearly doable. Thanks for the list!

scantrell24 3239

@Alduc Glad you enjoyed it! I swapped Mysha for Water Dancer's Sword. Sea of Blood is definitely a problem matchup but I think I'm 4-2 so far with the deck

King Mannis 1

`@scantrell24Of all the attachments to swap out, why a Mhysa? It combos really well with most other attachments if you’re going for the voltron. I would have thought dragon egg or maybe dragon skull.