Queen of the north champ...deck is gross

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mnBroncos 535


uBaH 98

Why FB? Doesn't Breaking Ties fit better?

mnBroncos 535

@uBaHbreaking ties would be good but the deck only has like 4 loyal characters youd wanna sac and I wouldnt wanna get rid of any of the plot cards it has.

ChrisChris 950

How did Ravages work out for you? How big of an issue would First Snow be?

mnBroncos 535

@ChrisChris raveges is the most situational plot in the deck. It can help against shadows a little and can let you sac your nightflyer to play another one which is really nice. First snow could be strong out of a hollow hill deck, but otherwise with the choke they would struggle to play characters to have a good first snow or to flood board after a first snow.

Toaster 35

Any thoughts on The High Sparrow?

Toaster 35

Also did Lay Siege work out well for you? I guess it's main target is Gates of the Moon from At the Gates?

badass_bard 20

@Toaster The new Iron Throne has the contested keyword as well.

Toaster 35

@badass_bard Ah I see, makes a lot more sense now.