Satisfaction at the Palace of Sorrows (Top 4 at Queen in the

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ChrisChris 950

Let's talk about At the Palace of Sorrows, the most subtle, intriguing of the plots dropped in Dragons of the East. Loan from the Iron Bank is solid mid-game economy and The Prince Who Came Too Late is flashy, but Sorrows may just have the greatest lasting impact on the game in these few remaining months.

Let us look at the onion that is Sorrows. We see that paper skin. We see that it sets every character's strength to three. It's a counter to burn. Makes sense in the box for the faction that boasts Dracarys!, Consuming Flames and Blood of the Dragon. That's nice, but there's so much more.

We peel off that skin to the first skin, a thick layer that may be marred by irregular textures and bruises from protecting the onion's deeper layers. Every character's strength is set to three. Every character has the same strength. Every character's strength is the highest. Every character's strength is the lowest. No tricks. Things are getting interesting. As has been noted, every character is now a target for House Florent Knight. Gate of the Gods is a guaranteed trigger. Everyone has to keep an eye out for Maester Ballabar and Septa Nysterica.

But let's go another layer deeper still. Every character's strength is set to three. A single attacker will always beat a single defender. Core Knight of Flowers and a knight carrying a Tourney Lance are unbeatable outside a Baratheon Red Keep, Haunted Forest, Wardens of the North and the like. All that knight alone tech? It's a thing now. Box Ser Garlan Tyrell, Lady Sansa's Rose and Knight of the Reach are back (for the first time)!

Is it good? I'm not totally sure. It went 3-3 at Queen in the North, beating Stark Steel, Baratheon Red Door and Targaryen Red Door but lost twice to Greyjoy Steel and once to Night's Watch, Kraken. I can, however, confirm that it is fun and lets you do some different stuff.



samuellinde 7


r480 146

HFK fan club approves this deck ^^

Von Wibble 179

Would Melee at Bitterbridge be worth a shout? Its basically pay x gold for x power with x being up to the number of characters in the challenge.

scantrell24 3261

Needs more HFK recycling. Love the ideas though

ChrisChris 950

@Von Wibble You could try Melee, but I feel confident saying that Lady Sansa’s Rose is almost always better in cost and power gain.

@scantrell24 There was an earlier version of the deck with Mace as the restricted for Florent Knight replays, but it wasn’t as good as this deck. I didn’t really miss him during the tournament either. People were wary of overextending, so there was rarely more than one good target for him at a time. That being said, in the Stark game Misty Morn did recur a Florent Knight in time to knock out Wyman after getting Robb on the first Sorrows turn.

ReThunder 53

-1 winter festival +1 heads on spikes ?

ChrisChris 950

@ReThunder You could. I just prefer the consistency, higher gold and Naval-proofedness of Festival.