The Reign of Yoren - 38th @ Stahleck Joust

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Razuvious 34

Good Morning everyone. This is the deck I used to go 6:2 in swiss and lose in the top 64 because of a poor decision but we will come to that later.

Why nw/rains? Because I played it @ Stahleck 2017 for 29th place and just love it. And I can use Owen ofc who proved to be a monster. Attack, get unopposed for free,trigger rains, pinch and bound. Seems legit. The decklist is pretty straight forward with some spicy 1-offs for more icons and to offer some hate for all that nw and/or attachment based decks.

I don‘t remember all of the games in detail and might mix up some memories of round 2 and 3 but I‘ll try my best.

Round 1 vs Lott with Bara Qohor

He has some big guy in setup and Melisandre on the first turn but I yoren her and play confiscation on azor ahai. He has all three red priests who get killed by Qhorin triggers and after all my big guys hit the board it’s over. 1:0

Round 2 vs Axlan with Stark Fealty

His Robb get’s milked and I think I stole his arya with Yoren. We both play a lot onto the board and at some point I trigger pinch on fast Eddie, discard him for claim and get him myself via bound. That’s game. 2:0

Round 3 vs Samuel with Stark SoB

I take his setup Smalljon Umber with Yoren and control the board with Maester Mullin. At one point in the game he is able to trigger his agenda but my throne denied the ptts and therefore is immediatly torched away. On the backswing I trigger rains with Jon for red wedding and kill Robb + Maege which is enough to close the game. 3:0

Round 4 vs Federico with Bara Wars

I got stomped here. His setup is Chef Bob, Chud and eco followed by Melisandre kneeling Jon and next turn kneeling Qhorin. I drew only big guys and couldn‘t use them once for an attack or on defense. Turn 4 and 5 he wildfires into my return to the fields followed by valar m. 3:1

Round 5 vs Robert with Tyrell KoS

I have a good setup and turn 1 but he has arbor + 2 shadow cards in his setup and kneel + the strongest Ser for my Owen before the first challenge phase and I manage to not draw any character for the next 4 turns and slowly die on board to the zombie mountain. At the time I finally draw Yoren + Jon I am pretty far behind like 0:12 or something. In my turn I manage to trigger rains for ED, get rid of his board and because he misstimed his resets I can go barring on turn 8 or 9 without the fear of getting valared and get a huge swing on the power total. But time is up and despite being heavily favored on board I am 10:13 behind and lose. 3:2

Round 6 vs Joni with Nw/Wolf

He takes my setup Hobb with his setup recruiter and the game starts to be a grind fest. He has hardhome, steals Aemon with Yoren and sacrifices him for Janos Slynt. But Qhorin once again proves to be a house and slaughters the recruiters and my own Ranging Party‘s which I gave him for his big wall activations because this way I could keep his board small. On turn 5 or 6 he plays Ramsay and Harrenhall but I bait Harrenhall with Owen who he stole last turn but I got back with a pinch activation and play Benjen + Bowen for the win. At some point in the game I played return into his valar m. which got me even more ahead. 4:2

Round 7 vs Francesco with Targ SoB

He has only Drogo and eco in setup but floods the board turn 1 to a point that defending military was pointless. I milk his Drogo and develop the board myself. First SoB trigger nets him a torch which I cancel with hj. I get Aemon turn 2 and sacrifice a low value dude for military claim every round to prevent ptts with Aemon. He starts to burn all my locations but I win intrigue and power challenges in the meantime. At one point I double pinch his board and bound for Daario. Next turn I play yoren and it‘s game. 5:2

Round 8 vs Mannerheim with Stark Crossing

The game started ridiculous. He setups Greatjon and I have the Yoren for the insane board swing. He plays Valar D. turn 2 and gets Fast Eddie with wolf king and 2x stealth on board. I deny one fast Eddie challenge a turn with Maester Mullin and in the final turn he goes up to 13 power but Old Bear Mormont and Qhorin win the power challenge on the backswing which is enough with the renown and Wall activation. 6:2

Top 64 vs Ryan with Bara Qohor

He has setup Bob with a chud and eco. I have hobb, eco and a Ranging Party. Turn one he plays King in the north and let’s me go first. I get gates of the moon and drop Jon, he plays Melisandre and gets the hunting accident on Jon. A confiscation, Yoren and a red priest and Stannis later we are kind of even on board and that is were I lose the game. I could play return to go first and trigger rains for red wedding to kill Stannis and/or Bob but I valar d. with a 2nd Yoren in hand. He responds with his own return to the fields sacs everyone except for bob and some small guy, takes my Yoren with another red priest and loads up every attachment on bob. 20 strength intimidate wins.

It was a great tournament and a pleasure to play against every single opponent.

If you have questions about the deck feel free to ask.

Possible changes are -1x Bound (it‘s good but too random;got a chud round 4 vs bara...), -Cotter Pyke (saw him only once and with Jon and Owen I don‘t need him to trigger rains) and maybe - Dragonglass Dagger and 1x Shadow Tower Mason (there are not enough locations/attachments to get his effect constantly). I would add a third pinch, a third Ranging Party and maybe 2x Craster.

Plot changes would be -Forgotten Plans (used it only once to blank a King in the north and stand Jon afterwards) + Filthy Accusations.

Kind regards.


Gusteau 1

hello have you regularly had the opportunity to use rains of castamer? Do you find who brings you a real bonus? good morning

Razuvious 34

I think I used Rains about 8 or 9 Times that day. In some matches was no need for triggering it; in others I used it two or three times and it singlehandly won me two games. But I think that Rains isn’t a real bonus tbh. Other agendas are much more powerful without the conditions Rains has.