Colt's Tricksy Woodsman [Stahleck 2019, Joust King of Swiss]

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Buzz 533

Colt's deck with Jon Snow (MoD) instead of Jon Snow (WotW) and Tricksy Bird instead of Fresh Recruits. Slayed my way through some greats and four Catalans in revenge of our World Cup lost. Tricksy was +1 gold from Old Forest Hunter all day until it won me 3 games in a row vs Wamma, Paga and my 4th Catalan opponent. Could easily be anything, I'd want 3x Nightmares in hindsight. A Pinch of Powder was the only really bad attachment for me. Some running the same list switched Shadow Tower Mason for Begging Brother, but it feels like you'd have to have more econ. Probably a better idea in Trade Routes versions.

Don't bring this to a tournament you want to do well in without a fair amount of reps. It took a while to figure out the optimal Old Forest Hunter + Valyrian Steel + Seasoned Woodsman triggers. My early rounds went really slow, luckily it didn't impact the game results.

See you next year :)



Infidus 1

Hello, i am rather new to all these mechanics, but how do you gain 2 gold for the Tricksy bird? I get one gold from the Old Forest Hunter, but where do you get the second gold?

Buzz 533

@Infidus you can get it via Return to the Fields. But you can also get it from Old Forest Hunter in Taxation phase and then again in Plot phase.