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slanderandlies 100

WARNING: This deck is far from optimised, I'm sure literally anyone can make this better if they think about it for like 30 seconds. I did not spend that long on this deck.

Context: In the past, a number of us have done fancy dress for the Melee tournament (last year I was Ser Pounce). A few months ago I was very drunk with Rowan and we made the decision to dress up as Margaery and Sands and play them as our Princes. The agenda is perfect for fancy dress.

The Deck: I kinda forgot about the actual building the deck part of it all until very recently. I put together my first rough draft, sent it to Ross and Steven (the best deckbuilders I see on a regular basis) and their only feedback was to drop Besieged for Duel. I told them no, because Besieged was the only thing that made the deck good.

Later I realised that it was only 60 cards and panic added a Syrio's training. This is the only change I found time to make and the deck didn't get so much as fishbowled with.

The Event: Round 1: So I was exhausted and tired but if I recall correctly, this was a fun table with Viktor, Kai and Onno on it. The TLDR is that Margaery got Yorened super quick. The best I could do at this table was to end up with 2 points instead of one and force a 3 way tie for 4th place. You had better believe that's what I did of course.

Round 2: This table was filmed and I had Keb on the table with me along with two people I don't remember the names of (sorry!) In stark contrast from the last game, Margaery got Warded super quick, and so I had to play a game based around Left and Right. Besieged was pretty much my whole game plan and it was lovely. I managed to win this table.

Round 3: So this time I was on a table with Rabs playing Tyrell Stag with lots of Sparrows tricks. Again Besieged with Margaery, Left, Right and Courtier were all great. I also had the Maidenvault/Oldtown Undercity/Oldtown engine firing nicely. Ultimately the game came down to my MVP card the Maidenvault letting me push through an unopposed challenge past Alysane Mormont. Two wins with this pile of cards? Wow.

Round 4: A fantastic table with Simon and Wilco along with another fellow I can't remember the name of. I had a Marge/Left/Right/Courtier/Willas board and leveraged a fantastic position out of Besieged. I also has the Undercity stuff cooking away. Just when I thought I had won, something amazing happened. On 14 power, did a big power challenge with my entire board against Simon's empty board. He proceeded to Task for Every Tool Taena into play and cycled through cards until he found the pieces to defend for 21. After accounting for my strength pumps, I was only at 20. One strength away. One power away. Awesome. This allowed Wilco to do Targ Qohor stuff and jump from 4 power to 15 really easily. I think Simon was worried I felt bad about it but I really didn't, it was a pleasure to watch and really funny at the time.

So with that last result meaning I'd definitely missed the cut (to my mind) I walked straight up to the castle to have a shower and get changes before everyone else made the journey up. When the others arrived for dinner, I was told that they needed my deck as I had just sneaked into the cut somehow.

Top 16: I was on a table with Bambi (Stark Qohor), Pritchard (Bara Qohor) and Achab (GJ Fealty) sorry if I got any spellings wrong there! As expected I was never really on it, I missed by not flipping Forgotten Plans on either King in the North turn (they were both situations where I wouldn't have flipped it if I were them). So I pretty much played spectator to a 3 horse race. Sadly Bambi lost due to one small mistake that anyone could make, especially with how fatigued we all were and Achab took the win.

What I'd do differently: Cut the A Game of Thrones for a second Besieged. It's basically the entire game.


ChannelDelibird 853

Obviously, I love it.

cockbongo 1

Well done mate - what a great pile of cards that is.

mach 52

I know this is a Josh deck because I had to click on all the cards to find out what they do and I still don't understand how it works.

Good work!

r480 134

It was my 1st melee experience in Stahleck and gotta say that I really enjoyed it. I tried everything to stop your lovely Margaery, but she had more tricks than I expected. Grats on the results and on the dress :)