Sparrows Offer The Faith's Decree - 25th(?) in Stahleck mele

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Johannes 399

This is the deck I took to Stahleck melee this year and did pretty well with it too. I think Jakob Hultman and Samuel Linde played also a slightly modified version of the deck in the tournament. The idea behind this deck started of me wanting to use Renly Baratheon (FotS) as soon as he came out. I also thought that Melisandre (FotS) is a great melee power because she is moving power and can easily trigger Superior Claim with 5 strength, stealth and power icon. I started with 3xRandyll too and other big stuff to cheat in play with Renly but the curve just felt too high and all those 6 costers would probably just draw a duel. I also wanted to play more control styled deck. After talking with Buzz I ended up lowering the curve and trust Sparrows for power gain (they were in right from the start of course). Also I went 3x The Faith's Decree which I somehow overlook at first even though I've played it in my Tyrell Assault joust deck.

The idea of the deck is simply control opponent's big hitters and key triggers with Offer of a Peach, Shrewd Diplomat and The Faith's Decree. In addition Sparrows, Melisandre (FotS), Vanguard Lancer and The Bastard of Nightsong give great power control. Of course Your King Commands It is there to limit renown on characters. I think the deck does good job however the meta in Stahleck was bit too big guys and rushy for this deck. This deck would shine in a table with other controllish deck.

Short tournament report

First table was tough. There was Joe Zimmer GJ Qohor (who went to top 16), Achab GJ Fealty(?) (who went to final) and Martin Lewis who is also a strong player and had a fast Fat Cat deck. I started the table strong but too strong. I used too much of my stuff too early and I was unable to control two pillage decks in the same table. I truly was rusty and didn't draw Renly or Sparrows which made me last in the table with 6 power. I thought I might be out of the cut after this result.

Table two was Vojta Tyrell Dragon, Daniel Gobel Targ Qohor and a Brittish guy who's name somehow escapes me at the moment with Tyrell Summer(?). In this game I had everything I need. Renly, Sparrows, Guile, Shrewd Diplomat, Faith's Decree, Superior Claim and I used At the Gates to get Gate of Gods the second turn. With help of Withering Cold and Jousting Contest I was able to Sparrows myself to win round 2 as a first player. I was afraid the deck is too slow but in this game I drew all key components, opponents' plots helped me and my opponents' lack of co-operation allowed me to win round 2. The key was a well timed Faith's Decree on Margaery Tyrell (Core) while Ser Garlan Tyrell (HoT) was attacking alone against me. Renly Baratheon (FotS) defended a win with renown with help of strength buffs and +1 from my title.

Third table was Simon(?) with Cersei deck, Wilco with Targ Qohor and other French player (sorry, I'm especially bad with French names) with Tyrell big guys. It seemed like a tough table but this time I saved my tricks for later. The third round Wilco had a huge Ser Barristan Selmy (LoCR) tower, Tyrell player had all the renown and I had chuds (including Sparrows and Guile) and Lanni player Cersei and some chuds. Me and the Lanni player were able to convince Wilco that if attacks us we stop he's Queensguard. That forced the Tyrell player spend some of his characters. I was able to control him just enough with Faith's Decree and Offer of a Peach to get win on my own turn with Sparrows.

Fourth table was once again with my meta mate Seppo who I've faced three years in a row in melee. We both had chance for the cut and were joined by Dutch player playing Stark Qohor and French player playing Stark Winter weenies (once again, sorry again about forgetting the names). All the players had decent boards but I managed to get some power advantage with Sparrows and Renly. Plot three was Fortified Position from Seppo, Calm Over Westeros from Dutch player, Winter Festival from me and Rationing from French player. The plots were terrible for me, since Fortified stopped Sparrows, Renly and Melisandre, Rationing stopped Superior Claim I had and Calm the Winter Festival I played. Seppo had to go first and spend the next 30 minutes to sequence the challenges, qohor triggers etc. for maximum power. He was finally stopped by Winterfell trigger after I redirected his fourth challenge. When it came to my challenges I somehow brain farted and did int challenge against Dutch player who had card in shadow, money and standing Robb instead of Seppo's knelt board. He brought Malleon's Tome and defended. I ended up in 12 power instead of 13. Finally the French player was able to get to 14 power and win the table. If would have done the int challenge against Seppo I think we would have tied 13 power, since now the French player was able to get uo and rival from Dutch player instead of just rival. This caused me the cut and I was 3 points short of it and Seppo was 2 points short. Didn't end up well for us.

Overall melee was a lot of fun but I was hoping a bit more control decks in the meta since Euros meta seemed promising. I still feel this deck could have made the cut if I wasn't too rusty and brain farted in the last table. I think the Swedes used Highgarden and different plot line which also seemed to be great. I felt Highgarden if bit too expensive to afford in this deck. But there's definitely ways to refine this list.


FranciscoG 64

Looking at it, and for more control, i feel it could use some annals :P

Johannes 399

@FranciscoG Annals could do but I think if you save your stuff and play correctly the Emissaries are enough.