Flood the Board (Top 8 Stahleck & Winner Siege of Winterfell

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Little Stark Fighters (Runner Up @Blackwater Bay) 4 2 5 1.0

luke90 63

First of all, a big THANK YOU to the organizers of Stahleck, Siege of Winterfell and all the other great tournaments all over the world.

The game might be dead soon but If you keep going, I'm pretty sure it will never die!

The first time I heard about a Stark Crossing List without Cards like Wyman Manderly, Robb Stark (Core) or Fast Eddie, was when we talked about Stark Decks for the upcoming World Cup. And of course, the idea came from our German mastermind Hanno. So thanks to you for that :)

I liked the idea immediately and started to play around with the deck. I made some changes (for good or worse :D) and decided to play this deck for The Road to Stahleck Event in Glasgow and after a succesful run there, also in Stahleck.

The Gameplan is pretty straight forward:

1) Flood the Board

2) Counter the resets with Return to the Fields to get cards and money

3) Flood the board again

So I guess I have a problem if too many people look at the Stahleck Winner List and realise that Wildfire Assault can be a good reset after all :D

Most of the time the opening plot will be Withering Cold to get some unopposed or kneel out your opponents board. If you have Alysane Mormont or I am No One it's perfect, but don't hesitate to play it even if not, because you are going to sacrifice your kneeling characters either way.

In some matchups, like shadow or NW (when you want to keep Withering Cold till the Wall is out to kneel it for two turns) you have to start with Winter Festival, which is also a pretty solid opener because of that much At the gates. With both openers you have a good chance to end round 1 with a big board and a good amount of power on your faction card, forcing your opponent to get away from their gameplan and play their resets to early and counter them easily.

I guess most of the cards are self explanatory with I am No one, Passing the Black Gate and the Mormont Package (She-Bear is so incredible in this Deck) being the clear MVPs of the List. And I think Septa with the two Stark Ladies are right behind that.

Of course Targ Burn, with Blood of the Dragon, is a nearly not winnable matchup. Luckily I faced no Targ Burn in Glasgow and only one (which I lost) at Stahleck.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and hopefully see you all again next year at Stahleck :)


FranciscoG 64

Sansa, septa, i am no one is really really good early! Last year was the clear mvp of the crossing meta and still is very powerful. Congrats on you run and it was clearly a nice choice :)

Buzz 533

I would recommend trying 1x Bearskin Cloak since it's searchable via the scouts.

Also, well done on the placement and gg in our match. I put you on 1x Return and 1x Heir which ended up biting me :)

luke90 63

I never thought about the Cloak but the +1 Strength and the Stealth is perfect in this deck, definitely gonna try it!

Thanks and sorry for ending your winning streak at the tournament :)

Diomedes 2973

Really happy for you, Dennis! Great performance!

@Buzz Double Return was my starting point for this deck. I hoped it would catch many opponents off guard. ;) Maybe not anymore with Steel playing 2x Return as well...

Bearskin Cloak isn't worth it in my opinion. And you can't search for it with the scouts.

Buzz 533

Ah, I just assumed it had the Mormont trait lol. I don't read cards it seems ^_^

Buzz 533

I agree with the 2x Return, I put it in most rush/aggro decks I build for others.

SGE 237

@luke90Congrats again to the real Top Stark Deck in Stahleck ;)

luke90 63

@SGE Thanks :D And Congrats to your incredible Run!

I bend the knee to The King in the North :)