41st@ Stahleck - Boring mainstream deck

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Monfryd 31

Round 1 - Won vs Targ Wars

Round 2 - Won vs Stark Fealty

Round 3 - Loss vs Targ Wars

Round 4 - Loss vs Targ SoB

Round 5 - Won vs Targ Steel

Round 6 - Won vs NW SoB

Round 7 - Won vs Nw Steel

Round 8 - Won vs Nw Steel

Round 9 (Cut) - Loss vs NW SoB

Overall I'm happy how the deck performed for whole tournament. Was missing Ghost and Benjen after few aggro match-ups, so those are the cards I would change.

Wanted to take challenge orientated deck to stahleck, where almost every other nw steel was running the Wall. Felt bad everytime playing bound or yoren, they need to hit rl asap.

Mole's Town was definately mvp, as it singlehandedly won me two games.

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