Bara Watch: Infinite Lysa

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scantrell24 3199

First draft of some serious jank. Use Renly with Red God's Blessing to jump in Lysa, Craster, Benjen, or Mag. Use Glamor, Mag, Last Giants, Valar and Wildfire to kill Lysa. Use Glamor, Craster, Spears, Ghosts and Close Call to bring her back. The upcoming Harrenhal and Narrow Escape will take infinite Lysa to a whole 'nother level.

Potential cards:

Heir to the Iron Throne


At the Gates

Prince Who Came Too Late


Red Priest

Begging Brother


Imry Florent

Maester Aemon

Master Cressen

Ghost of High Heart

Waymar Royce

Owen the Oaf

Melisande (Core)



Azor Ahai

Great Hall

Iron Throne (Core) + Painted Table

Red Keep (Core)

The Eyrie

The Wall (Core)

King's Landing

Hand's Judgment

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