Dragon Queen is Stronk – (1st place, Prime, Rochester, NY)

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skreid 146

This is a little deck that I've been working on for a while. It began over a year ago during the Iron Throne Jank Tournament as a core Daenerys+Attachments deck with The Faith Militant as the agenda. While unexpectedly effective, FM transitioned into Greensight, then into The Prince that was Promised when that was printed. Slowly, more and more pieces came together.

I raise a glass to all the great cards that would seemingly fit well into the deck but I couldn't find room for: Groleo, Pentos, Black Market Merchant, Irri, Missandei, Breaker of Chains, Mercenary Contract, Dracarys!
I'd also point out that the deck's effectiveness was basically unchanged by the transition into this new Daenerys, which is only a very slight improvement over the core. If I had reason to believe that I would face a lot of Lannister (i.e. Treachery, The Red Keep (DotE), Alchemists' Guildhall), I would be perfectly happy playing with the core version.


Modus Operandi:

For a deck that hinges on a single card, this one is surprisingly consistent at what it does. Ideally, your starting hand has either Danaerys or Aegon Targaryen (to surprise-trigger the agenda to fetch her). I usually open with Time of Plenty, and my aim is to end round 1 with Dany in hand, along with either a dupe, Bodyguard, or Gifts for the Widow (to get the Bodyguard). Trading with the Pentoshi on round 2 lets you play Dany and some attachments. Value varies by matchup, but Tokar (in multiple) and Mother of Dragons are typically the most important ones to have, because then she can participate and win challenges at will. When it comes to other support cards, Jhiqui tends to be greater value than any dragon, except in those circumstances when you need Viserion's stealth. Once Dany is a 25 ST tricon who can stand after every challenge, there is basically no way out.


My matchups at the regional were:

  1. Baratheon - The Brotherhood Without Banners — A couple Red Priests stalled things a little bit, but this game set the stage for the (admittedly formulaic) way in which most of my games went: Some light skirmishing early on, but Dany was out in the first couple rounds, and soon became the monster we all know and love and fear.

  2. Night's Watch - Sea of Blood — Going on faction/agenda alone, this was the match I was most concerned with, as the Dragon Queen tends to need a couple turns to get going. Setup didn't improve my outlook, with locations, Aegon in shadows, and only a lone Viserys holding the field. As it happened, I got quite lucky; far from coming out with guns blazing, Gil set up an Underground Vault and the 6-cost Wall. Opting to immediately March Viserys, he couldn't field enough rangers that round, and was unable to trigger SoB. I was able to use Aegon to find Dany, and in round 2 she entered the fray with double Tokars and Mother of Dragons. Jon Snow came onto the scene soon after, but—try as he might to put his lover's knife into her—once Dany was a stealthy 28-ST student of Syrio, there was little to be done.

  3. Baratheon - Banner of the Wolf — Kevin Austin brought this snazzy deck to the table, replete with control, kneel, and some rapid power gain. I knew he was packing at least 1 of the new Iron Throne, and I was already composing my concession speech should he have gotten it on setup. My first bit of good luck was that he did not. The second bit was that I won the coin-flip to determine initiative, opting to go first so I could play Dany before she could be nabbed by R'hlorr and Co. As it turned out, this was the play/luckering of the game, and Kevin's Red Priest could only get his hands on a worthless Aegon. The first round was a tough one even with the Queen out, and both Dany's search and Gifts for the Widow were cancelled by Rickon Stark and Bran respectively. Melisandre soon came out and—in conjunction with Alester—was able to keep Dany knelt for the first few turns. During that time, The Usurper was able to do some work, Stannis soon joined, and I believe I was down 10-0 at one point. However, spot kneel has limited effectiveness in the face of so many stand effects, and one Valar Dohaeris later, it was once again a ~30ST Dany and Viserion against much lesser men. The predictable ensued.

  4. Targaryen - Knights of the Hollow Hill — This was the popular Targ/KotHH build that tends to open with Unexpected Delay. As it turns out, this plot is largely useless against me. The Queen was soon fetched, and although all 3 Dragons died to burn, a single turn of Dany + Jhiqui was able to bring me from 6 to 15.

  5. Tyrell - Fealty — This one was a bit tricky, and Marc had a strong start with The Arbor and The Mander paying off handsomely. Some huge ST-boosting effects (Wardens of the South, Horn Hill, Growing Strong) were able to keep Dany in a corner for several turns, even in her lovely Meereenese robes. However, all flowers must fade eventually, and the Queen soon grew into her beastly self. Marc's Highgarden could have bought some good time, but unfortunately he was unable to draw it.

  6. Final - Baratheon - Banner of the Wolf — This rematch again Kevin was something I was dreading, as it would be a second opportunity to have The Iron Throne nip my deck in the bud. However, like our first game, the Throne was nowhere to be seen. On setup, I was given the interesting option of either a 5-card setup with various dragons and econ, or setting up Dany alone. This was a tough call; setting up Dany alone would get me only 1 card redrawn from setup, and leave me open to (admittedly unlikely) Marched to the Wall or Valar Morghulis. However, it would mean that she couldn't be stopped by The Iron Throne or sniped by a Red Priest. I took the chance and went for the larger setup. Based on my previous game, I hoped that the 2 initiative on Trading to the Pentoshi, would be enough to win initiative and go first and again dodge any nastiness. In this, I was correct. Kevin set up Robert and an Acolyte, but once Dany was firmly on the table, I had much, much less to fear. Things went back and forth for a bit, and the Baratheon board grew wider while Dany grew tall, but Valar Dohaeris gave the advantage back to the Queen, and Kevin graciously conceded the match.

Much thanks to everyone who attended. I was sorry to not see more of our Canadian friends, but was glad our final regional hit it off with a diverse field and comparatively few ugly decks. And thanks to Just Games for putting on a smooth tournament in their comfortable and spacious new location.


scantrell24 3282

Congrats on the win and thanks for sharing. I love the deck!

mauryalejo 1

I really like your deck, One question why do you have The King in the North in your plot. thanks