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Neoptolemos 554

Hello, this is the deck that I've played a lot recently and brought me a lot of fun, even while it's just good, but not T1. The idea behind the deck was:


  • Kingdom of Shadows is stupid, OP agenda
  • AND in general all KoSh decks look the same
  • AND Martell KoSh is worse than Tyrell/Lanni versions because it lacks bouncing back to shadow
  • AND Assault from the Shadows is awesome, interesting agenda, but I tried it after it's release and it wasn't as good as I expected

So, finally deck ended up as Martell/Lion, just like Vince's deck from several months ago. Meta has changed a lot since then - bringing more anti-shadow tech on one side and decent cancels on the other, shifting from GJ everywhere to more diverse range of NW, Targ, KoSh decks et.c - so this deck looks way different, but the core idea remains similar.

Between Desert Raider and Arianne Martell (PoS) it has decent amount of icon removal, Raiders also work amazing with Varys (DitD), so generally my opponent often has limited options of making challenges. Gerris + Loan work as good as I expected, so I don't miss Trade Routes as other shadow decks would. Because of agenda, deck is also a little bit safer against Barring the Gates than "classic" shadows.

Note: recently released Lanni cancels (The Red Keep (DotE) and Alchemists' Guildhall are really good (as expected) and made Lion banner a lot better, but comparing to other latest releases (I look at you, NW) I wouldn't say they are OP.

Try it, improve it (there is definitely place for that) and have fun!

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