Targ Valyrian Meereen: Top 4 NC Prime

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scantrell24 3239

I went 4-2 with this deck at the Cary, NC Prime. As a voltron enthusiast, it's one of my favorites so far in 2nd edition. I've played it in two tournaments now, one with Hizdarh, no Dragons and Dragon Skull, then this one with Meereen, Hatchlings, and no Dragon Skull. I think I prefer this list but it's close.

Rd 1 Loss vs Justin Targ Blood

He opened with Forgotten Plans (missing against my At the Gates) instead of the usual 2 claim plot, which gave me a slight chance, but the inevitable board wipes were only delayed until turn 2 and 3.

Rd 2 Win vs Luke Stark Crossing

Luke did the usual Stark flood and jumped out to a huge lead as I assembled the Dany tower. Eventually he was at 14 and defended with enough strength to win via Jason Mallister's renown, but Meereen found a Milk which I jumped into play to save the game. Then Dany with renown, stand and Jhiqui triggers, plus Jorah with Noble Lineage and Mercenary Contract, gained 16 power over 4 challenges.

Rd 3 Win vs Dusty Greyjoy Winter

This was another slow start as Victarion's intimidate and some light choke made life difficult. I didn't help matters any by forgetting Pentos and Freedmen triggers. Wildfire was great but Dusty jumped out to a big lead regardless with multiple power on both Victarion and Gorold Goodbrother until Pinch of Powder saved my bacon on consecutive turns. Then Dany voltron closed the deal with help from Jhiqui.

Rd 4 Win vs Wilson Tyrell Crossing

This time Drogo took center stage instead of Dany. I actually chose YWoYD turn 2 to try and punish Wilson's board. Wilson flipped Forced March and got up to 13 with Honeywine and Superior Claim, but my aggressive decision paid off in the end thanks Gift finding Seal after Forced March had knelt Drogo. With his Arakh in hand, Drogo did some work. Turn 3 my Return against his Valar D sealed the deal.

Top 8 Win vs Avery Greyjoy Prince Balon

This was the first game all day that went according to plan. Turn 1 Prince plot because I had a Gift in hand to find Bodyguard. Turn 2 he Valar M's despite the save on Dany, trying kill Drogo, Qotho and Rhaegal, but I expected it and Returned them to the field first. Milk on Balon just about sealed it as I had plenty of time to assemble the Dany tower.

Top 4 Loss vs Brennan Targ Blood

I held him off at first, but this deck just doesn't have long term answers for Overwhelming Numbers and Womb of the World. I tried the "best defense is a good offense" approach with Drogo and YWoYD on turn 2, but Brennan had enough claim soak. Afterwords I could have defended military for 15 strength but Brennan had 21, and that was game.

Potential cards:

Valar Morghulis

Valar Dohaeris

Fortified Position

Rationing (conflict with Daario, Jhiqui, Rhaegal, Khaleesi, Mercenary Contract, Pinch)

King in the North

Blue Graces

Black Market Merchant

Dothraki Handmiaden


Quaithe of the Shadow





Rhakaro (DotE)

Jhogo (TS)

Ser Jorah (LMHR)

Ser Barristan Selmy (LoCR)

Seized by the Guard


Plaza of Pride


Hand's Judgment

Fire and Blood

Blood Magic Ritual

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