Lannister KoSw - Raius variation

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Lannister KoSw - Targ Box (Red Keep) 2 2 0 3.0
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Lannister KoSw - Tiers 1 metagame 7 4 0 6.0

Benji 758

Lannister KoSw I play after reading at Raius's Stahleck list. It made me see things differently and I adapted his ideas to my approach. Since I really like the insights, I publish it for information.

I liked a lot A Pinch of Powder in his list, since it was a card that was desperately subefficient before Great Hall restriction. It was the reason why you had to play Poisoned Coin and Varys (DitD) while perfectly knowing that good players will never give you the window of opportunity to use them.

The second thing I liked was the philosophy to spam table rather than returning to Shadow. This is why I adapted to The Regent's Guard x2, but I refuse to put the third copy since it only cycle efficiently Mandon and Robert. I cut one copy of Clever Feint was never really a good card in x3, since you -maybe- want to use one inside the game and the third copy of UMethods. I was extremist with these two cards in x3 before.

I do disagree with The Knight of Flowers (AtG)... because I play online. It would be staple in tournaments conditions of 50 minutes. Without time limit condition, you might go for Penny, Hagen's Daughter, Regent's Guard x3, Assassin... Improving the low-cost eco curve. It is a choice. These are no magical solutions, since these cards are not giving something like Flayer or Marauders (who deal with cheap cost decks). There is a lack of cheap Shadow stuff doing something in terms of metagame considerations.

Valar Dohaeris and Trading with the Pentoshi are by no mean mandatory. But they both give you fix on what you -might- need : Save for your characters, Easing the table vs Greyjoy (possibly Tyrell), shot of economy that is not conditional.

The Iron Throne (LMHR) is anti-SoB because it is anti-PttT. You might even put it x2 since SoB is the best agenda of the game and unbalance it. But technically, SoB should play Lay Waste to get rid of the Throne, so... It is just a x1 tool that can buy you time.

The Red Keep (DotE) is stellar, and provides the needed permanent cancel for the Martell matchup.

The rest is the standard list. No compromise on 18 economic locations. No compromise on all the other tools. No compromise on the 5 default plots. The only "surprising" choice might be Tyrion x1, but at the end of the day he does not perform well. The main reason is that you install him when you are installed... And therefore you have most likely already won in the macro-dynamic of the game.

This list is basically made for playing random people on Internet or in a large tournament. It is standardized to regular choices and from there I would do the metagame reading for what I expect in the tournament. If you expect Shadow, play more Assassin and possibly more cycling of Assassin (CFeint, Tyrion). If you expect more SoB, play more cycling of OBB and Robert (Tyrion, CFeint) and more Tunnels / TIT. It is very adviced to be heavy on the anti-SoB metagame. They are the two main considerations I would have.

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