In the Name of your Maester! - Prime (7-1) & KotLT (5-0)

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Trading with the Sparrow - King of Swiss German Nats (7-1) 13 10 0 2.0

Diomedes 3104

Another control deck I enjoy even more than the 321 deck.

Feel free to ask questions! :)


aCID_rEIGN3616 1

Nice! This looks fun! My only question is: what plot would you cut for Outwit, if any?

Diomedes 3104

If you don't play against Sea of Blood, you don't really need Parley at Storm's End.

Here to Serve is another plot that's only nice to have. Renly already has few targets and Here to Serve reduces them further.

Neoptolemos 626

As I played a lot my own (quite similar) version, I would say, that Outwit isn't that good here. If you really want counter-reset plot, Return to the Fields would be enough, being also way better plot in case you miss the reset (in this sense Here to Serve into Maester Kerwin also helps against VM). It's ofc good to cancel Trade Routes, but Outwit leaves you with very poor stats and knelt maester - not worth it imho.

I play also 1x copies of Ser Eldon Estermont and Ghost of High Heart and I'm never sorry to see them, but as all 1-ofs, it is matter of personal taste :) Light of the Lord is sometimes helpful as well.

DrNovak 1

If you hade to choose a X3 of either one, which: Bravoos, Red Keep or Starry Sept?

Gaurwaith 2

Nice Deck Hanno! Good to see some viable control decks postet which are not shadows :)