Kneel them then kill them

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callumgie 125

Hey guys.

This is the deck I played at 2 primes.

I went 3-2 at patriot games. Losing to the one and only Wamma and Paul Geddes the runner up of the event.

I also went 4-2 at Alpha games. Lost to queen of Swiss Rebecca Walker and then to Mike Clark in the first round of the cut. Was lucky enough to get the sweet sweet Bara swag as well, finishing 2nd after swiss.

I had done a big write up for this but it didn’t save for some reason, and I can’t be bothered to rewrite it so only a quick one. I think the deck is pretty good and there have been some changes along the way with, it’s very different from Hannos list.

Ever since public execution came out I wanted to build a deck to use it. I initially did this with banner wolf that I believe was played at UK thrones war. But after trying it in hollow hill it just felt a better fit.

Any of you have any questions please ask away.

Thanks for reading.


hagarrr 577

What was the worst thing you Publicly Executed

callumgie 125

@hagarrr I’m pretty sure in testing I had to kill execute my own Bob, after a bound. Tournament has to be Wammas bastard of Robert with a 3 gold kings blood.