Top Greyjoy at Worlds Day 1A 5-1 record

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DarkKnight76 255

I played this Greyjoy Fealty deck at Worlds Day1A and went to a 5-1 record. I had some great help with some great friends helping me tinker this deck the past 2 months, especially Colt Humbert. I played this deck because I knew Political disaster was going to be nonexistent at worlds and I wanted to win initiative in all my games and control the game as much as I could. Thought I’d surprise my opponents by not having valar because of how popular Return to the Fields has been, and Wildfire wins against that plot. Also weapons at the door was a total meta call, and it was helpful most games due to the initiative but I never ran into Valyrian Steel or Baratheon Qohor.

Round 1- Erick Leong with Stark Fealty- Win

Was a good game I controlled it most of the way, big play of the game was me flipping outwit when he only had a duped Robb on board. Had it from there on out.

Round 2- Derek Shoemaker with Stark Crossing- Loss

I screwed this game up royally, was back and forth most game but I couldn’t get much power going because of his Karlhold. Last turn on Win or Die I missed a great Kraken trigger and 3 King of Salt and Rock Triggers on Vic. Ended up tying on power and losing on cards on deck. Womp womp.

Round 3- Callum Gillespie with Greyjoy Stag- Win

Game was very tight in the beginning, we both played Euron turn 1 and got silence out but I was lucky enough to blow up his with a WDNS. He kept my euron and silence knelt most of the game with Khorane and a boat. He had 2 warhammmers on King Renly and I had to work around everything, weapons at the door helped out.

Round 4- Jakob Wahleman with Targaryen Wars-Win

He was playing a burn deck. I WDNS his Beggar King early which setup a big king plot for me. On a blood of the dragon turn he used incinerate to kill my king balon. He was very low on cards after I used outwit on his counting coopers. I took it from there.

Round 5- Yotam Hechtlinger with Lannister Kingdom of Shadows- Win

I rushed out in three turns with big Vic giving him renown with boats and having king of salt and rock. I finished round three on king plot with double renown and back to back hits with king of salt and rock for 15 power.

Round 6- Jim Hansen with Lannister Conclave- Win

This was an amazing game. Jim had such a great deck. I was lucky enough to when he got big Cersei out to stop having cards in hand for all her triggers with casterly rock out there. Every turn he used ironthrone to name We do not sow and I couldn’t get around it with Murenmure do you to his Red Keep. Game ended when I got him to kneel his Murenmure during a power challenge so I could take nightflyer out of shadows to blow up his Small council Chamber which had 4 power on it.

Top 64- Rebecca Walker with Stark Crossing - Loss

This was a tough game, even though I blew up all her Econ she was always able to rebuild her board with passing the black gate and She Bear. The final round where we both flipped win or die, I went first but needed to get 2 unopposed challenges off to win the game but she had both Robb, Wyman and Dacey with 3 or 4 weenies out where I couldn’t bypass them all. She had it on the come back with her 2 claim.

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