The Green Book - 1/16 (4-0)

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Kingsguard & Knight (World Cup RList) 8 5 0 1.0

Diomedes 2973

Ugh, another rush deck by Diomedes... turn big renown bodies sideways, stand them with The White Book and turn them sideways again. :)

9 cost 7 characters, 7 cost 6 characters, 4 cost 5 characters... who needs to worry about a cost curve with an up to 11 gold 6 ini 6 reserve draw 1 card plot you can even play twice. White Swords is Kingsguard's Archmaester Marwyn, a single card that makes this decktype viable.

You still need 11 econ locations, At the Gates with Great Hall as restricted, and some additional econ characters: Ser Balon Swann is really good with so many , and neutral knights, and you have Hightower Knight to get cheap board presence.

Save your renown guys with White Cloak, Beric Dondarrion, and Ser Barristan. Or don't save them, just save the power with Compelled by the Faith.

Make Beric Dondarrion or Ser Loras a king and his own kingsguard at the same time, so he stands himself on attack and can save himself against Valar M :)

I won a short high-class 16-player tournament with this deck:

Win vs. Crossing

At the Gates into The King in the North, and I ended round 2 with 13 power. A tricky Hightower Knight kneeling Ser Barristan in taxation phase protected Randyll Tarly from the necessary Valar M. Oh, and Ser Balon Swann gave me 2 gold to counter a possible He Calls It Thinking. Compelled by the Faith saved my power and I closed round 3.

Win vs. Kraken

Ser Gregor hit the board, but I actually had higher strength. Round 3 I closed with A Tourney for the King a STR 36 challenge.

Win vs. Fealty

A round 1 Euron made my turn 1 a bit slow. But turn 2 The King in the North vs. Barring the Gates got me the upper hand. I ended turn 3 with 14 power and closed easily round 4.

Win vs. Qohor

I had a decent start with Renly, a Hedge Knight with White Cloak to protect Renly, and 2 activated Green-Apple Knights, but Yoren stole the Hedge Knight and discarded the cloak. Round 2 I played The King in the North (again in Barring) and won some power, round 3 the wiped my board with Valar Morghulis, but The White Swords for Barristan and Ser Balon Swann into Hightower Knight rebuilt my board easily. That was even enough money to pinch his last character, Hobb. His Trading with the Pentoshi paid for Jon Snow, Yoren, and Craven on Barristan. My Tourney for the King fell flat, but You Win Or You Die next round got me Ser Loras and a Green-Apple Knight to close.

Feel free to ask questions :)


P_Gedi 143

This definitely looks like my kinda deck and I’ve not had any interest in the agenda before, will check this out I think.

One thing that did stand out is the choice of The Knight of Flowers (Core) over The Knight of Flowers (AtG) - Kingsguard one seems much better suited even with minimal shadows cards?

Diomedes 2973

Thanks! I need Lords for Crown of Golden Roses and Knight Lords are perfect if you have both the Crown and White Cloak: they can save themselves, can stand themselves. Only disadvantage is that dreadful Yoren :(