Tyrell White Book - Runner up Online Pandemic ed. War of the

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Johannes 399

Let's follow Diomedes and publish another Tyrell The White Book list that did well on a tournament. I was supposed to play this deck in War of the Faiths which got postponed because of the virus and I decided to play the same deck in the online version. Originally I wanted to play Tyrell Rains with The Reach tech but it got crushed by Targ tempo in testing so I decided to go for something that can hold it's own against aggro. Thanks Emils for inspiration! I watched his White Book deck in action and decided to build my own.

While Diomedes version was more focused on Knight Lords I gave up on them and for slightly better setups and added reducers and removed Beric altogether (Lanni cancel being everywhere doesn't really help either). I also added more events and The Knight of Flowers (HoT) to get better advantage out of White Sword Tower. I think you should change the reset for Wildfire Assault as long as Return to the Fields is not restricted. Overall the idea is very similar to Diomedes' deck: use tempo given by The White Swords plot and rush to victory.

Small tournament report:

Round 1 - Ivailo, Lanni KoS, a win

I wasn't sure how I manage against Lanni KoS but I have played a lot shadows so I know how they run. Ivailo started quite aggressive which backfired a bit during The First Snow of Winter turn, since I had Hightower Knight and Ser Mandon Moore of my own. I was able to maintain board and cards in my hand long enough to eventually get the win during my King in the North turn.

Round 2 - Sandy, Bara Qohor, a win

Sandy started quite with Stannis Baratheon (FotS) and Melisandre (Core) the first turn. Quickly the Robert Baratheon (LMHR) and Selyse Baratheon (FotS) joined the party with dupes. And Selyse brought tons or R'hllor attachments with her especially Azor Ahai Reborn. Luckily I had two Nightmares to slow Bob down but I was still falling behind. The last two rounds I was lucky enough to win big power challenges with help of Margaery Tyrell (HoT) and Sandy not top decking a R'hllor card for two turns in a row. Really close match and I was sure to lose it after Bob and Selyse hit the board with dupes.

Round 3 - Eduard, NW Valyrian Steel, a loss

Eduard setuped Clydas which is always terrible. Three-Finger Hobb, Halder and Qhorin Halfhand joined the party quickly after with help from Fresh Recruits. Also Yoren (TB) hit the party as The Prince Who Came Too Late. That meant bad times for me. I managed to hold my own but not finding dupes lead to a very one sided Valar Morghulis. I countered it with You Win Or You Die instead of Return to the Fields which was probably a mistake since I ran out of cards soon. Maybe I also misplayed by marshaling only Renly Baratheon (FFH) instead of multiple smaller characters but I don't think it mattered because Qhorin Halfhand just eats them alive even during Valar turn. Renly got Marched to the Wall and it was the game.

Round 4 - Tupaq, Lanni Conclave, a loss

I've played against this disgusting cancel cancer deck before so I knew what I was up against. I started cautiously and stopped The Conclave triggers since I didn't want him to find Archmaester Marwyn early. Didn't matter and he joined the party round two. I mainly drew events and some locations and The Red Keep (DotE) kept canceling Oldtown. This also lead to very one sided Valar Morghulis with duped Archmaester Marwyn, Maester Kerwin and 2x Healing Expertise. (Tupaq had Jaime, Tywin, Cersei and Gregor) At least I countered Maester Kerwin by playing The King in the North. I hang in with my own Valar Morghulis but couldn't establish a board after. I conceded just in time to give Tupaq a full win and this probably got me in the cut. I think Tupaq would have won 9-7 on power.

Top 8 - Eduard, NW Valyrian Steel, a win

Rematch and I mentioned I hope he doesn't have Clydas on setup. He answered by setuping Clydas and Three-Finger Hobb :ยด( Luckily this time I was able to find some dupes and got a decent lead. He had a good Valar Morghulis but I came back. I think the deciding moment was White Sword Tower stopping him from playing a second The Hand's Judgment and I got my "Lord Renly's Ride" through. I made a very greedy play by intimidating his last power icon instead of Jon Snow (WotW) even though I thought he had A Pinch of Powder in shadows (which he did). The White Sword Tower thing had put him a bit off focus and he forgot to use Valyrian Steel to put Catapult on the Wall in play and catapult my Hedge Knight away. I got uo power and renown (no power to claim) with help of Ser Jaime Lannister (LoCR) and guessed right with Oldtown for the win. Without it I would have being sad with Jon pinching away my Ser Balon Swann with 3 power.

Top 4 - Kari, Baratheon Valyrian Steel, a win

Kari had some family stuff to do and he dropped out. We played the game casually later in the evening and I won pretty easily because Kari didn't find econ and not many attachments either. I just had too much stuff for him to control. It was bit sad since Kari would have had better chance in the final with his cool deck running Delena Florent, some bastards and At the Palace of Sorrows. I have similar builds and I really like them.

Final - Nerius, Targ Qohor, a loss

Nerius had a good start with Khal Drogo (Core), couple of Tokars and Mercenary Contract. When Queensguard and Seal of the Hand joined the party the game was pretty much over since he was able to get Dragon Skull too. I hang in there for a while but since Tokars stopped me from getting defensive renown there wasn't really any chance to actually win the game. Well played and well done Nerius!

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