Greyjoy Tactical Advantage

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Kakita_Rinsei 23

Synergy of Greyjoy

Character (35) 1x Alannys Greyjoy (CoS) With any location you marshal drawing a card nightflyer gives a hidden card draw.

1x Andrik the Unsmiling Was included because I am considering adding "pay the iron price" due to its ability to draw a card.

3x Asha Greyjoy (Core) Asha and Qarl are great for those times she is blocked. Little Bird on her can swing games (A start with little Bird can mean 3 unopposed challenge alot of the time.

3x Balon Greyjoy (KotI) Balon is over powered with a Drowned god fanatic in your dead pile, and his ability to play opponents attachments has won more than it's fair share of games for me.

3x Drowned God Fanatic [J] The restricted card for this deck. His ability to reenter play by killing a character allows many advantages. The return of attachments non terminal to hand. With balon killing a character of opponent. Old wyk allows him to be in power challenges with the added bonus of returning him to hand. Many times I use him to bring proselyte into play.

3x Eager Deckhand Enters play for free nightflyer can be a great surprise to drop a couple of these when opponent least suspects it. Great target for a few attachments before killing it for fanatic.

2x Gorold Goodbrother His ability to stand is strong in today's environment. And a couple of attachments can make him formidable if you see them.

2x Hagen's Daughter Great target for most attachments with her ability to resurrect herself.

1x Hotho Humpback His ability to draw cards is great but the checking reserve can really shine on turns where opponents flip you win or you die., forcing them to empty their hand before challenges phase.

3x Iron Islands Fishmonger Great ability, even better fodder for fanatic if they have attachments.

2x King's Landing Proselyte I use the iron bank will have its due with these guys the most, hidden 4 strength that can come out at the cost of a fanatic and can be targeted by old wyk. Using gold to bring out attachments using agenda ability or other cards from shadow after they have served a purpose.

1x Maester Kerwin His ability is fantastic and allows for attachments to be easily returned to hand. I have used his ability to save my position a couple times.

1x Maester Murenmure Strong ability need I say more.

2x Moqorro His ability is great on defense soo many times I have saved a character from dying because of his ability.

2x Nighttime Marauders Great to use after opponent searches for a key card.

2x Qarl the Maid Super aggressive ability when with Asha, also works really well with grey ghost or maidens bane.

2x Victarion Greyjoy (LoCR) His self saving is great but his intimidate is a beast with strength bonuses from attachments.

1x Wex Pyke Only in deck to stop chud blocks and to sacrifice to fanatic when needed. Proselyte also has killed him when needed.

Attachment (13) 1x A Pinch of Powder Agenda makes those as OP as any other combo.

1x Corsair's Dirk Vic gains the most from this but on occasion have bounced it a few times for the card draw with fanatic.

1x Fleet Captain Hidden +3 str that most players dont see coming.

1x Green Dreams I use this to help dig into the deck quicker.

1x Little Bird Greyjoy's weakness is intrigue this help can swing games.

1x Milk of the Poppy Best way to stop an opponent from abusing an ability or in most cases cause opponent to fall short on a win when you stop a renown power gain they are counting on.

1x Noble Lineage Fanatic is great for a target. Wex or a character you are going to kill for fanatic is better.

1x Outfitted for War Sea bitch is best target but any warship can benefit from this gem.

1x Reckless I am considering throwing axe in place of this. But it does have a huge advantage of pulling one annoying character out of opponents plans.

1x Sky Cell [B] In my opinion this card should not have been made. It is by far the best way to lock opponents card draw and character down.

1x Strangler I run this to help versus decks that focus on a single character.

1x Support of Harlaw Very versatile with the deck and has lots of replay value thanks to Hagens daughter and Fanatic.

1x Water Dancer's Sword 16 possible targets and the ambush ability can really have a strong impact on the game. Using it and another card to give a str bonus 90% of players wont expect. This card has turned so many games in my favor thx to the threat of the agenda's ability to bring in another attachment.

Location (17) 1x Grey Ghost Qarl is great synergy for it.

3x Iron Fleet Scout Outfitted for war is a nasty surprise on here.

2x Iron Gate I dont use it for draw unless it is a must.

1x Maiden's Bane Fleet captain can make for good times when possible.

1x Nightflyer It's own kind of nasty,

2x Old Wyk Drowned god characters see way more play and have greater potential to reuse abilities they have all over.

1x Sea Bitch Some locations gather power, if you take the location that power is part of your total. More times than I can remember I have won games because of this card. Timing is everything.

3x Sea Tower No synergy for this card yet.

3x The Kingsroad Cheap tempo card.

Event (10) 1x Narrow Escape [B] Because you can kill so much, plus no reset protection.

3x Risen from the Sea Allows for a card draw because it is an attachment after it is played.

2x The Hand's Judgment Need this to cancel those game changing events.

3x The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due Most versatile card in the deck. Once you bounce something back to hand the gold is great for attachments or cards in shadow. Plus removes pesky opponents attachments from my cards.

1x Westeros Bleeds [B] A surprise reset for the purpose of attachment control and does not kill. Works really well with narrow escape.

Different combos of the deck some may be obvious others not so much. I have listed the combos so new players have a better understanding, cannot show all possible lines for games but there is enough flavor in the deck to hold it's own. Plot line is a work in progress and differs against each house. Drowned God fanatic with its ability to kill and re-enter play makes any non terminal attachment an essential engine for the agenda. Hagen's daughter can also fill the role.

Please feel free to comment or make suggestions. I will answer questions as I am able to. Hope you enjoy the deck.

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