Daario Azor Ahai

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Daario Azor Ahai

Deck tends to win by 4th plot

Not using any restricted cards as of 04/10/20 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*Prepare to LOSE first turn challenges because of The Prince Who Came Too Late >>> Daario Naharis

*MUST have at least 1 character in play after challenges to AVOID opponent's Marched to the Wall at the start of next turn.

Setup Phase...

Ideal hand:

Worst case hand:

Always be 1st player if possible!

Preparation for 2nd plot...

  1. Daario Naharis is out, possible duplicate in hand, R'hllor character(s) in play ideally Anguy the Archer or Acolyte of the Flame
  2. Azor Ahai Reborn & or Gifts for the Widow in hand.
  3. Warhammer or Laughing Lord will help win EVERY turn if you go FIRST.

Now the fun begins!


Trading with the Pentoshi gold to play key attachments, potential Melisandre (Core) and additional characters if needed.

Grand Melee forces opponent to kneel and participate, opponents often forget and defend with one character, many unopposed bonuses here & intimidate intimidate intimidate! You'll most likely be safe from attacks if you go first.

You Win Or You Die when you have 8 or more power and finish the game strong!


Exchange of Information if you didn't win after You Win Or You Die

Confiscation will slow your victory if you need to remove a pesky attachment.

Valar Morghulis if opponent is able to defend (usually with annoying builders). You don't need claim anyway!

*Combos & important notes

*If we lose our prince Daario Naharis it's probably GG... I've considered swapping Exchange of Information for Close Call but once he's out of play it takes too much luck to find him again and rebuild. Plus Exchange has the highest initiative value of any drawing plot.

Enjoy my first ever shared deck!

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