Tyrell DWDW - Dance with Dragons (Top 16-ish)

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Ebrey 147

This is the Tyrell deck I made top 16 at Dance with, then dropped to play the 12 player Arkham Horror scenario 'Labyrinths of Lunacy' :P. I forgot about Dance when I agreed to play in that.

Unlike Johannes' list, I did not play annals, figuring emissary, lazy leo, and isle of ravens were enough to re-use events. With the agenda taking care of draw, I figured trade routes' money would be the most valuable restricted. I also got a lot of value from the LOTG package of Lysa and Varys because I could always find it as long as I had the Queen of Thorns out.

This deck had zero shadows tech, and there was a ton of shadows in that meta, so it wasn't a great meta call. In metas that don't hit shadows heavily it should probably play barring and/or expose.

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