A Long Winter's Night: Top 8/Best of House

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My first tournament report! This is the list I used to get to top 8, and top Greyjoy in the online "The Long Night" tournament (https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/7472/scores), with 34 players. It used an alternate restricted list allowing the bin pack cards.

The idea I started with was abuse box Balon with DGF. I needed a non-kneeling agenda, and decided on winter to use the bin-pack greyjoy cards. I prefer mid-range decks to play, so this has a bunch of choke and pilage and can win in different ways. The only real meta call I made was adding 3x ghost of high heart as I feared westeros bleeds, but it's also good fun to pick out balon/euron targets.

Rd 1: Matt Kreft (W - Stark DWDW)

Long slog that went to time; I had Corpse lake and scouting vessel out on setup and neither triggered the whole game. Tris was doing work (stopping econ and bear island scout, etc.). Was able to valar away Robb, then got a 2 claim off to kill fat Cat. turn 6 Matt had great spicy fun with the shadow raise claim event and a PTTS for a 3 claim mil. But in the end Hagen's daughter and DGF did work with small econ, small boards, and my small hand. I won on time after T7. It was close, but I think I may have had the upper hand as he discarded his hand after YWOYD, and I would have been able to clear his board with VM.

Rd 2: Jim Hansen (W - Bara PtwP Lysa)

My former nemesis of the Seattle meta! I'm approximately 1-199 lifetime against Jim, who is an all around great player and guy, who I've learned a lot about the game from. I set up big asha, scouting vessel, and reducer. T1 Vince'd a Jaquen trigger. Then wintertime mauraders away a great hall and WDNS spears of the merlin king. His T2 ghosts of harrenhall didn't get him enough econ to push through a challenge with Jaquen. I had tris ready to stop lysa from being played. Asha triggered to draw 3 cards to get saves. Jim conceded T2.

Rd 3: Matt Clemens (W - Martell Alliance Stag Wolf)

Got some very good draws here. T1 nightflyer his gates of the moon, and wintertime mauraders on roseroad took care of econ early; although he did have double HJ to cancel my WDNS and a HJ of my own. T2 first snow cleared his board. T3 nothing burns to hit iron bank. Got out euron who stole 3 locations including chamber. Saw ghost of high heart 1 turn too late as he got a westeros bleeds on me (but I was able to discard secret pact and a 2nd westeros bleeds). The choke was on and I won turn 5ish. Can't wait to watch on stream!

Rd 4: John Wright (L - Bara Sun)

He was able to get out Table/Chair on T1; he had summer plots that helped. He was also able to fully load an Iron Bank with 10 gold and his control was on. Mel comes out to kneel Asha, secret pact and then Mel's favor on Euron. He got 1 westeros bleeds off on me, but I get ghost of high heart to discard another. Next round I ghost of high heart to see Westeros Bleeds, Last of the Giants, Lysa, and Varys and I know I'm in trouble. Luckily I discard the last of the giants and hit the westeros bleeds on 2 claim intrigue. Next round i Vince a Varys trigger and nightflier the table, but he gets it back quickly. But it only delays the inevitable. I'm able to keep dom a couple times, but I was down 10-4 after T6. Turn 7 he's able to orphan of the greenblood his Vanguard Lancer for 3 triggers to get me down to 1 power. Turn 8 I concede after he got out Mag and Lysa on a FSOW turn. Another long slog that John played very well, he was king of swiss.

Rd 5: Ben Plumier (W - Martell Rains)

Win and in game. Set up wintertime mauraders, botley crew, kingsroad and scouting vessel vs core viper. T3 he got 2 you murdered her children to discard botley crew and wintertime mauraders, but 2 claim mil killed viper and myrcella; feeling good I'm up 8-2 after T3. T4 i play winter festival and have box Balon and 2 DGFs in hand ready to murder some bigs in discard (doran or harman uller). Ben's draw was tough the whole game (no chuds to protect viper on 2 claim), and he concedes in marshalling. Again, Tris did work pulling out the gate location, secret schemes, arianne, and ricasso.

Top 8: Aaron Groth (L - Martell Stag)

T1 - you murdered her children discarded a double duped Tris. Table and chair out on t2 and i'm down to zero cards. He valars T3 to wipe my board; I nothing burns to discard dorne, but I get no characters out. A couple rounds of me topdecking and getting eaten away by table/chair. His T7 YWOYD i'm able to get balon out, and blink in southron messenger to send his dessert raider back to hand, I don't lose a challenge and get 3 UO back plus 2 corpse lake triggers; down 14-7 and still breathing. T8 valars my balon, starfalls my only power icon, and I can't stop table/chair. Lose 15-8. He got table/chair off 7 times in the game. The lack of draw in the deck is the big killer here, I only see 1 copy of Balon and no Asha/Euron. A pleasure playing him, as all my opponents all day!!

As for changes i'd consider the following:

  • Asha is the only draw and that's a problem. Maybe adjust econ to use iron gates, but tough with winter econ, the bigs I want to play, and setups.
  • PD probably slots in, I had trouble when my opponents were able to spam out a bunch of locations (only 2 losses were to table/chair). It would take some tinkering with locations, and i'm not sure my own economy base takes well to it. Probably in place of Famine (although Famine did good work, but it's more a "win more" plot)
  • Conquer is a bad card. I'd cut it completely, even if it is fun to take a non-limited econ location then flip into nothing burns.

A big "props" to Stephen who ran a great event!!

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Ebrey 147

Cool deck, and a great run!