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Benji 758

You still need 13/14/15th economic location and have it unique for surviving Political Disaster, so Gates of the Moon x3 by default.

Loan from the Iron Bank and Trading with the Pentoshi to replace the double Trade Routes, you mainly lose the synergy with Bowels who had his use. But on the other side, the deck survive Political Disaster much better.

Alchemists' Guildhall is the inferior version of The Red Keep who needs to be played because cancel effect helps too much, too often.

I did not pick Late Summer Feast because this deck is mainly concerned about HIS economic behavior, not the one of the other. So it's -1 gold immediately vs the other plots. By lack of knowledge, I consider it perfectly valid.

Despite not looking that much of a change, not playing The Red Keep (DotE) changes a lot. The pertinent restriction was Tunnels of the Red Keep for Lannister KosW. It is the non-vital card making the deck very strong, and it can be replaced by the inferior version of Underhanded Methods.

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Benji 758

Important Remark : Gates of the Moon increase the likeliness of 1-gold Gate + 3-gold Bowels setup.