Does Fire Cast a Shadow? (Brighton Charity Joust Winner)

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Atanas Keranov 404

Hi! This is the deck I took to the recent Brighton Charity Joust and got 4 wins. My report will be short, since the first three games went similarly.

I've been lucky enough to draw early into my Shadow of the East events which pretty much disarmed both of my Qohor opponents during the first two rounds.

Next I had to face NW/VS which was a slightly longer game, but after killing more than 10 characters the NW ran out of options.

Last game was versus Targ/HRD. He picked Meereen for his agenda and I drew mine during round 1 as well, so we were on even ground there. This was a tedious and long game without many challenges made, in which we tried to outwit each other. I had more shadow cards early on thanks to the agenda, which helped deactivate his The Dragonpit while mine was on, and I also won dominance almost every round. After somehow I managed to get rid of all 3 copies of his Daenerys Targaryen (TFM) and play a copy of my own I could safely try to win challenges once again. I remember that I managed to push a power challenge through on my You Win Or You Die which helped me get to 15.

Highlight plays with this deck are:

I want to mention that this is my wife Elena's deck and I just really love playing it so I took it to the joust. She almost got into the Stahleck cut with the deck and was the sole Assault from the Shadows user in the whole tournament. The original idea for the deck came from Gabriel Ranner from Austria. Thanks Gabi!


Statusunquo 1

Hi. Just trying to understand the deck. :)

What cards would you place in the shadows with your agenda and why those ones?

Atanas Keranov 404

Most often I'd trigger Meereen and marshal the cards that I can afford from there. However, it is rare that I'd have the resources to marshal all 3 cards (or there might be events or limited), so in order to save a valuable card from being discarded, I'd place it in shadows using the agenda.

In other instances where I am starved for resources, I'd use the agenda to save 2 gold since I can also put shadow cards in shadows for free.

In terms of specific cards to put under the agenda, I prefer the surprise element, so anything that can disrupt the opponent's plan is welcome - a challenge icon which is currently not present on my side of the board, but I hide it in shadows; a Khal after I already made my first military challenge;

Other instances of such plays are mentioned in the description like Astapor, Crown, Dragon + Burn. Oh, and I often find myself putting Daenerys in shadows to guard her from intrigue claim, while I am waiting to draw a dupe.

dqthemountie 63

Very nasty, I like it :D Congrats on the win

Atanas Keranov 404

Thanks @dqthemountie! :)

Btw, I built the deck a long time ago and haven't made any major changes to it for a while. I think it's been long due to find place for 2x or 3x Incinerate as this is the only deck which can make use of Incinerate from shadows while discarding the cards from Meereen for the cost.